The Miracle Is You

Posted: 23.12.2009
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Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanu is a unique individual who has been my teacher, spiritual guide and friend for the past six years. He is my guru in the sense that he helps me commune with my inner self. He does so by leading me and directing my practice of meditation so that I can remove the layers and covering which keep me apart from my own inner source of health, strength, wisdom and life.
I am a very sceptical person and I examined carefully many teachers and teachings before "setting in" and accepting this man and his teaching as my path. Ultimately, I did choose him because I found that his life was an example of his teaching, especially in his lack of pomp and pretense. I have great respect for him because he has travelled much farther down the road than I have, but I feel a oneness with him because he advises and encourages me that our road is the same and we share the same ultimate end. Finally, I trust him because he teaches me that I am my own Master and my mission is to realize this for myself; no one, not even he can do it for me.

It is because I have received benefits and guidance in making my life more calm, happy and meaningful that I have compiled this volume as an introduction to Gurudev, Jainism and its teaching. The four articles contained herein were developed from talks Gurudev gave to various audiences over a three year period. "The Purpose of Life" appeared previously in pamphlet form in 1973. " The Teachings of Mahavira" was delivered at Haverford College in November, 1977, and " A Philosophy for Life" at Fordham University in April, 1978. " The Miracle Is You" was presented at the Jain Meditation International Center in New York City on May 25, 1978.

It is in our quest for freedom that we are One and feel our unity with all life. It is in the diversity of our backgrounds and approaches to the present moment and the future, our various paths, that we are unique and individual. May these words speak to that within you and inspire you on your own journey.

Rakesh - Richard Kleifgen New York 1980


Gurudev Chitrabhanu


Devine Knowledge Society, Bombay


Rakesh - Richard Kleifgen


3rd Edition 1996 Jain Meditation International Center, New York

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The Miracle Is You




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