Workshop & Meeting of Terapanth Professional Forum, 4-10-2009, Mahapragya Public School, South Mumbai

Published: 05.10.2009
Updated: 27.08.2010

Terapanth Professionals

Report of a Think Tank Workshop cum meeting of TPF held at Mahapragya Public School, South Mumbai

The second Mumbai region TPF meeting cum workshop has been organized on 4th October 2009 in the joint collaboration of Terapanth Professional Forum and Terapanth Yuvak Parishad (Dakshin Mumbai) at Mahapragya Public School, South Mumbai.

After registration process, main event started around 9:30 am. With formal welcome and introduction of guests - distinguished physiatrist & consultant Shri Raj Sethia, TPF National Coordinator Shri Narendra Shyamsukha, WIRC Chairman Shri B.C. Jain and Organising Sec of ABTYP Shri Ramesh Jain the programme commenced with the high spirit despite of being great hurdles produced by the continuous monsoon rain. Though the number of participants is bit less (157 registered + guest) then expectation but the enthusiasm with which they participated have make the proverb true one plus one is eleven.

Shri Kuldeep Baid read out the message & blessings received from TPF architect Acharya Shri Mahapragya ji. Sadhvi pramukha shriji fuels up the inspiring and working energy flow through her video message. TPF workshop unfortunately can’t get the live guiding light from Sadhvi Kanak Rekha ji who is staying at nearby Anuvrat Bhawan, due to heavy rains. But she showers the blessing of success by sending the motivating blessed message for TPF & participants.

Shri Ramesh Jain & Himmat Dhing Welcomes the guest and participants

In the short speech, Shri B.C. Jain lay a question before TPF why youngsters are not involving into the activities of Dharmsangh and how TPF can prove a useful platform to attract the diverted foots.

Shri Narendra Shyamsukha presents the one-year road map of TPF focusing on 5 main objectives

  • Setting up career counseling center in 10 cities.
  • Providing financial assistances for the education requirements.
  • Hostel Facilities
  • Job assistance

For extracting the views, expectations & willingness of contribution by the partakers towards the aims of TPF, Shri Raj Sethia in his unique style started an interactive session “Rethinking the role of Terapanth Professionals”. In this session 12 groups have been formed for the three discussion subjects - 

  • What are the expectation from TPF?
  • What Terapanth Professionals willing to contribute to TPF?
  • What work to be done to reinforce values of Terapanth Religion?

All members have participated enthusiastically and share theirs views and opinion. Discussion, Reasoning and application of each of the mind explore the incredible opinions, suggestions and working strategies. Each group leader presented gist of his groups ideas and opinions. The effort of Shri Raj Sethia to unveil the out of sight information proves very successful and his way of involving and mesmerizing the eye pupil is appreciable.

The key responsibility of anchoring is managed by Shri Salil Lodha proficiently through out the programme. The introduction part of speakers and guests is taken over by Shri Praksh Jain (Joint-Sec Of Terapanthi Sabha, Mumbai).

Concluding the all suggestions and strategies presented by the groups in Raj’s session, Shri Narendra Shyamsukha put forwards some proposals and schedule of the activities of TPF that are to be regularized with the time. Some of the suggestion which were added to the objectives of Terapanth Professional Forums is as follows:

  • Regular monthly get together at regional level.
  • Meeting of TPF twice a month.
  • Updating the TPF websites with a job, matrimonial, hostel, colleges & community activities information.
  • Creating a exhausting websites for Terapanth Dharam sangh.

It was also decided that TPF member at any post will not receive any momento, shawl or any such thing in internal events and more time is to be devoted in constructive discussion and implementation despite of formal speeches.

In closing session vote of thanks has been given by Kuldeep Baid of TYP dakshin Mumbai & Shri Salil Lodha to all the participants and guest with token of gratitude. Extraordinary efforts invested by TYP Dakshin Mumbai for the success of this workshop in the very short span of 3 days has been cherished by every one who enjoyed the delicious breakfast and lunch during the programme. Few known hands which are working silently behind the curtains for the success of this meet are Shri Ramesh Jain, Kuldeep Baid, Himmat Dhing, Pankaj Surana, Mukesh Dakad, Vimal Giriya. There are still many more persons to be recognized who directly indirectly top up the usefulness & smoothness of the event.

Salil Lodha
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