Seminars on Social Consciousness and Approaches in Jain Religion

Posted: 28.08.2009
Updated on: 02.07.2015

ISJS, in association with leading universities of India and Canada, is pleased to announce organizing a series of regional seminars (5 to 7 in major cities /Jain centres), one national seminar (Delhi) and an international seminar (Canada) on ‘Social consciousness and approaches in Jain religion. These seminars will be held in the month of March-April 2010 in India followed by an international seminar in Canada in August 2010.


Subjects associated with the seminar on which papers are invited from distinguished experts.

A. Social topics with primary reference to their applications as per Jain religion only.
B. Jain texts and doctrines describing social engagements for Jains.
C. Case studies
D. Statistical reports /presentation


Regional, National and International Seminars

Each region may focus on one or more than one area as primary and others as secondary if possible. Each region will invite at least six papers selected for presentation. Other papers which are considered reasonably well shall be compiled also separately and the writers invited for informal presentations /group discussions. All papers will be sent to National seminar for compilation and record.

Out of the papers presented, each region will nominate one speaker for the national seminar. The national seminar will have two to three additional speakers to present their papers. National seminar will select two papers for sending to the international seminar. Authors of these papers shall get some financial support to travel and present their papers.

Acceptance of papers at regional seminars will be done by the regional academic council. However the regional council will send the papers to national council to avoid repetition of subjects at other regional seminars and approval.


Regional Coordinators & contact addresses






Dr. Mrs. Vimla Lalbhai,



Dr. Priya Jain University of Madras,



Prof. P.C.Jain, Dr Shugan Jain,



Prof. Kusum Jain, Mrs Shivani Bothra,



Prof. Anupam Jain,



Prof. Meenal Katarnikar,



Mr. Manish Mody,



Dr. S.P.Pandey,



Prof. Murli Mohan,

*likely and approvals of some of them awaited

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