Politics and Jains in India and Abroad

Published: 22.12.2008
Updated: 30.07.2015

Unity in diversity is the unique feature that is embedded in Passionless Jina Dharma. On the contribution towards the polity of the nation and abroad doubtless, it is, that the followers of Passionless Jina Dharma has to necessarily join the main stream of the nation be it Indian or abroad in all the activities in so far as it is in the interest of the country in which one is domiciled.

Besides, it is very much necessary that the personal identity is at stake one has to reconsider of one’s continuity in so far as the domiciled country barring Bharath. We all know that right to profess one’s Dharma is very much our constitutional right guaranteed. And it is so much so that by truly living a life of a house holder practicing Passionless Jina Dharma one cannot but be a contributor to the smooth functioning of the political system of our country. Otherwise natural it is that confrontation sprouts and ends in untold suffering.

For example idols are stolen from Jinalayas due to their age old monumental value. Proactive and reactive measures are necessary and sure recurrence can be very much contained. Proactive means, taking all the security arrangements well in advance and reactive is one that after an incident to plug the loopholes that might have been left unnoticed or unaware of.

Secondly, to get the common benefits to the deserving in the Jain community from the Govt. sponsored schemes such as minority status etc., there should be national, state wise, organizations submerging the sectarian differences for achieving some minimum common good for the community. Number should not stand in the way for obtaining the benefit but the pecuniary condition of the individual should form the basis for the eligibility and of course the performance being equal.

Continuous effort by peaceful means including court appeals should be the means to any unsecured Govt. benefit and under no circumstances our organizations or individuals should resort to violent or unethical means. Delay in not securing the benefit should drive one to resort to violent or unethical means and peaceful effort should bear fruit if not immediately but in the distant future. Action will certainly have reaction based on the right and required effort and karmic effect.

Take for instance the peaceful effort by several of our participants viz Shri Bal Patil, Shri Sanjay Kumar Jain, Shri Arun Kumar Jain and others who did achieve the desired result - minority status for the Jain community.

Thanks to them for their untiring patience and achievement.

Effort is only in our hands and results are not and hence accept what comes without anxiety and pain, both are alien to the nature of the self Soul. One is more important to one than any thing else in this world.

Welcome for any further clarification.

Wishing you all the best for the early dawn of Samykathva.

Yours brotherly,


Posted by: "Sreepalan VC" sreepal5058@yahoo.com   sreepal5058
Mon Dec 22, 2008 1:46 am (PST)

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