Shrawak Sammelan Of Sthanakvasi Jains Held At Jullundher To Discuss Unity Issue

Published: 02.11.2005
Updated: 01.10.2011

A conference of Svetambara Sthanakvasi Jain community was organised at Jullundher in the holy presence of Pujya Dr. Acharya Shivmuni, head of the Sthanakvasi Shraman Sangh. A large number of eminent people from all over the country, belonging to Sthanakvasi sect joined the conference and took active part in the proceedings. They mainly dwelt on the issue of unity amongst in Shraman Sangh and steps to be taken to strengthen the organisation.

The entire group of people attending the conference representing almost all the parts of the country, unequivocally declared that the Sharman Sangh has one and only one Acharya and that is Dr. Shiv Muni. Those, who believe in disunity of the Sangh should not hence-forth use the name of Shraman sangh. An appeal was also issued to all saints and sadhwis of the sect to accept the leadership of Acharya Samrat Shiv Muni, well in time.

The conference was presided over by Shri Sumati Lal Karnavat from Thane, Mumbai. Other eminent persons, who participated actively and gave their views were Shri Nem Nath Jain, Shri Hasti Mal Munot, Shri Hira Lal Jain, Shri Hukam Chand Jain, Shri Nrip Raj Jain, Shri Mangi Lal Jain, Shri Nirmal Pokharna, Shri Keemati Lal Jain, Shri Satish Kumar Jain, Shri Vimal Jain and Shri Onkar Singh Siroya. Various useful suggestions were offered by them for bringing unity and for the welfare of Jain samaj. It appears, Shri Suvalal Bafna Jain, national President of All India Svetambara Sthanakvasi Jain Conference and all the committee-members were conspicious by their absence on this important occasion.

Photo: Dr. Shiv Muni addressing the delegates 

Ahimsa Times - October 2005
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