Posted: 15.08.2008
Updated on: 22.04.2012


Pradesas, Pradesh, Pradesha, Pradeśa, Pradeśas, Predesha, Predeśas, Space point, Space points

space point, infinitesimal area

A point in space is zero dimensional, occupying no space, having no size. It is virtual, abstract.

In Jainism:

An indivisible part of any substance which is not separated from the substance; each of the three astikāyas viz., dharmāstikāya, adharmāstikāya and jīvāstikāya has innumerable pradeśas; the ākāśāstikāya as a whole has infinite pradeśas, out of which there are innumerable pradeśas in the cosmic space (lokākāśa), where as infinite number of pradeśas in supra-cosmic space; pudgalāstikāya may have two up to infinite pradeśas.


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