Ahimsa Times 177, 2015-04

Posted: 22.04.2015
Ahimsa Times MAHAVIR JAYANTI MESSAGE FROM PONTIFICAL COUNCIL, VATICAN CITY - SENT TO AHIMSA FOUNDATION Dear Jain Friends, 1. The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue most happily extends its greetings to you on the Birth Anniversary of Tirthankar (Path-Finder) Vardhaman Mahavir celebrated worldwide on 2 April this year. May the celebrations marking the feast reinforce and rejuvenate friendship and...

Efforts for Unity among the Jains

Posted: 25.04.2013
From time to time Acharyashree initiated many steps to pro­mote amity and tolerance among all the Jain sects. He received wholehearted support from many Jain Acharyas and Shravaks. Prominent among them were Murtipujak Swetamber Jain Acharya Vijjayavallabha Suri, Digambar Jain Acharya Suryasagar ji, Upadhyaya Amar Muni and Ganesh Prasad Varni belonging to Sthankwasi Jain sect. With a view to resolving the...


Posted: 03.12.2012
Chichondi, Athawad, Maharashtra, India View Larger Map Near Ahmednagar Birthplace of Acharya Anand Rishi

23.12.2012 ►Delhi ► Sthanakwasi Sect Celebrate Acharya Anand Rishi's Diksha Ceremony

Posted: 03.12.2012
Delhi Sthanakwasi Sect To Celebrate Acharya Anand Rishi's Diksha Ceremony On 23rd December. Aacharya Anand Rishi Maharaj was architect saint who established Jain Sthanakwasi tradition throughout India. A grand programme is being organized to commemorate and celebrate 100 years of Aacharya Anand Rishi’s Diksha Ceremony on 23rd December, 2012 (from 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.) at Maharaja Agarsen Institute of...

Jainism in Philately

Posted: 26.09.2007
The first stamp on Jainism was issued in India by Saurashtra State, a part of India before Independence on October 18, 1929. This three pies stamp bears a view of Girnar Hills where 23rd Jain Tirthankar Neminath Bhagwan had attained Nirvana. Girnar is an important Jain pilgrimage centre. Indian Government issued first stamp on Jainism on May 6, 1935 bearing Sheetalnath Jain Temple of Calcutta.