Bhaktamar Stotra - Sloka 20

Posted: 02.10.2006
Updated on: 20.08.2009

Sloka # 20

O Jina! The wise have eulogized your omniscience, so you are the Buddha.
You are the ultimate benefactor of all the beings in the universe, so you are Shankara.
You are the originator of the codes of conduct (Right faith, Right knowledge and Right conduct) leading to Moksha, so you are Brahman [vidhata].
You are manifest [in thoughts of all the devotees in all the splendour of the ultimate], so you are Vishnu.
[Hence] you are supreme of all.




Glossary and English Translations © 2006 by Samani Pratibha Pragya and Samani Punya Pragya

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