Posted: 17.12.2016
Ādityavāra-kathā: 18th century. 114 stanzas in Gujarati Jain Manuscript Paintings Verse tale on the importance of keeping vows to acquire merit and purify karma. The Ādityavāra-vrata-kathā is a popular story in Digambara circles. It shows the good and bad results of observing or not observing the so-called 'Sunday vow'. This is one of the numerous vows - vratas - which a Jain can keep to counteract the...
Posted: 16.12.2016
Suvidhi or Puṣpadanta image A 15th-century Śvetāmbara metal altarpiece made in Gujarat, India has the ninth Jina at its centre. Though there is no identifying emblem, he is named in an inscription on the back. Known as both Suvidhi or Puṣpadanta, this Jina is surrounded by symbols of royalty and his eyes and the śrīvatsa on his chest are inlaid in silver. Given by Dr W.L. Hildburgh.
Posted: 15.12.2016
Aḍhāīdvīpa Jain cosmic diagram. Jambūdvīpa surrounded by the Lavaṇasamudra with the chains of mountains and set within its rampart of diamonds. Rivers and lands are marked with their dimensions. Captions and texts either in Gujarati, Rajasthani or Hindi.
Posted: 28.09.2016
Jain Painting of a Mūrtipūjaka Śvetāmbara yati or lay-person in white clothes with shoes, a book and a walking stick and a Sthānakavāsī Śvetāmbara monk. India, 19th century; Watercolour with gouache, 10 x 22.7 cm. Iconographic Collection Wellcome Library no. 576315i © Wellcome Library, London
Posted: 14.06.2016
Ten Elements for East Window of an Architectural Ensemble from a Jain Meeting Hall Vadi Parshvanatha Jain temple in Patan,Gujarat, India Date: last quarter of 16th century Culture: India (Gujarat, Patan) Medium: Teak with traces of color The carved wooden dome, balconies and supports of this architectural ensemble belonged to the gudha-mandapa (meeting and prayer hall) of the Vadi Parshvanatha Jain temple in...
Posted: 14.04.2016
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video:
Posted: 14.04.2016
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: This video highlights the paradox of today's times and the way out!
Posted: 28.03.2016
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Title: Taro Che Adhar Singer: Alka Yagnik
Posted: 14.03.2016
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Title: Trishla Nandan Vandiye Singer: Nikesh Sanghvi
Posted: 07.03.2016
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Title: O Prabhu Adinath Singer: Shaan
Posted: 02.03.2016
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Title: Rushabh Jinand Singer: Saurabh Mehta
Posted: 29.02.2016
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Title: Hame Raasto Ki Singer: Suresh Wadkar
Posted: 23.02.2016
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Title: Made Ajwalu Tara Diva Thi Singer: Aashish Mehta
Posted: 15.02.2016
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Feeling #MondayBlues? Here's an enchanting musical piece of 23rd Tirthankar Shri Parshwanath sung by Florence to start your day with.
Posted: 08.02.2016
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Singer: Piyush Shah
Posted: 01.02.2016
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Girnar, previously known as Ujjayant or Raivatgiri, is a group of mountains in the Junagadh district of Gujarat. The mountain Girnar is older than the Himalayas and the Jain temples upon it are amongst the most ancient in the country and are considered sacred and important for pilgrimage. Listen to this latest track by Prashant Shah and Devansh Doshi praising the...
Posted: 25.01.2016
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: This soothing devotional track by Jaydeep Swadia will capture your vocal chords.
Posted: 20.01.2016
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: This devotional song by Alka Yagnik will have you humming in no time.
Posted: 11.01.2016
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: We are here for purpose and we were born to do more than just to go to work, pay bills and die.This song, sung by Chintan Rana in his melodious voice captures our mind towards giving a thought to the ultimate purpose of our life, which is to attain salvation.
Posted: 10.01.2016
By Dr. Manju Nahata
Description of the painting ‘Swapna: Satya’ (‘Dream: Reality’) according to the sixteenth chapter of Bhagavatisutra: Shraman Mahavira before attaining kevala-gyana or the supreme knowledge dreamt ten dreams in the temple of Shulpani Yaksha at Asthika village. He dreamt ten dreams. Among these ten dreams, the third dream was of a male-cuckoo with strange wings, and by seeing it, he became...
Posted: 04.01.2016
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: 'Mandir Padharo' is a devotional song sung by renowned singer Jayni Mehta. Her enchanting and melodius voice in this song connects us to the supreme beings.
Posted: 28.12.2015
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: "Mine is a small world oh lord but with all devotion I plead you to grace us and our little world with your presence at lest once." Listen to this beautiful song sung by Ketan Dedhia inviting the lord to our little world.
Posted: 22.12.2015
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: O Lord! At your feet we found eternal love and through the love and faith on you we gained absolute knowledge. Listen to this philosophical song, sung by Piyush Shah
Posted: 14.12.2015
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Listen to the healing voice of Ravi Shankar as divinity transcends through the classic chant. Let's ask God for his love in this shallow world.
Posted: 14.12.2015
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: The 2,500-year-old idol of Lord Mahavir, stolen from a Jain temple nine days ago, was recovered near Bichhway village in Jammui district on Sunday. Oh what an irony that the one who preached the path of truth, his own idol had been stolen. Let us through this beautiful song, pray to Lord that those who had stolen your 'idol' also get your 'ideals' and we hope that...
Posted: 14.12.2015
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Praying to the almighty to come and reside in our hearts, listen to this beautifully sung melody by Gautam Shah
Posted: 14.12.2015
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Listen to this beautiful song by Bharti Gada as the lord himself is preaching us to walk the path that he has walked.
Posted: 07.12.2015
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: For the love of god which you should put before anything else, listen to this melodious track by Jatin Bid.
Posted: 07.12.2015
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: The only true immortal that resides in our heart is the lord, listen to this song by Paras Gada and discover your connection with him.
Posted: 07.12.2015
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Start your week with this mesmerizing song by playback singer RoopKumar Rathod.
Posted: 07.12.2015
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Let yourself indulge in this amazing song written by Muni Sri Heerratna Vijayji and sung by Vicky Parekh!
Posted: 06.12.2015
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Have you ever wondered what makes a person follower of supreme conqueror? Watch this video to find it now. Shower some love, Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe!
Posted: 19.10.2015
Being Jain - Not Just By Birth Video: Navkar Mantra Navkar Mantra is a gesture of deep respect towards beings whom we consider spiritually ahead. Let us do the 'Shubharambh' of this noble cause by Navkar Mantra! Singer: Jaydeep Swadia
Posted: 19.07.2015
Now we come to some other philosophies where we can find aspects of Anekāntavāda. This concept is primarily based on Śakti-Śiva principle, where a female stands for Śakti and a male for Śiva, each having the same contribution at the root of the world. The Ardhanārīśwaramūrti (icon) is one of the eight forms of the Lord Śiva. What strikes me most about the Ardhanārīśwaramūrti is its aesthetic...
Posted: 18.07.2015
By Dr. Manju Nahata
Well, after understanding the axioms of Anekāntavāda in short with the help of paintings, we will try to understand this wonderful philosophy from different perspectives. Until and unless we see the practical view of a philosophy in our daily lives, it can never prove its utility. Happiness and sorrow are the two antonymous states of our mind. In this painting, the sky has been used as a backdrop to symbolise...
Posted: 17.07.2015
By Dr. Manju Nahata
The most important aspect of the philosophy is that it allows opposites to enter into its purview. This is to say that it is based on a system of opposition. Here I will show 4 contradictory pairs to mention the axioms of Anekantavada. They are: Nitya /Anitya (Permanence / Impermanence) Asti /Nāsti (Existence / Non-existence) Eka /Aneka (One /Many) Bheda /Abheda (Different /Identical) The 1st axiom of...
Posted: 16.07.2015
By Dr. Manju Nahata
Now quickly let’s have a glance on the Agamic origin of Anekantavada - In Jain religion, tradition has it that the first Tīrthaṅkara of avasarpinī kāla, Lord Rsabhanātha, is the originator of anekāntavāda. We do not find the word Anekānta anywhere in Jain canonical literature called 'Aagams', but the pure essence of Anekāntavāda, Syadvada is present throughout. Nothing has been explained devoid of...
Posted: 15.07.2015
Acharya Vidhya Sagar Ji Maharaj - Ankush Jain Art Work's Kshullak Dhyan Sagar Ji Maharaj - Ankush Jain Art Work's
Posted: 15.07.2015
By Dr. Manju Nahata
Now a question arises that why I have chosen the medium of painting to express Anekāntavāda. We are clear that according to anekāntavāda, truth has many aspects, while language has such limitation as it can throw light upon only an aspect of truth at a time. Therefore, in this case it is impossible to say two contradictory things at a time. On the other hand, the scope of paintings as a medium of expression...
Posted: 14.07.2015
By Dr. Manju Nahata
Anekāntavāda is regarded as the central philosophy of Jainism. This is a theory of many sidedness of reality and truth. The identity of real is not contradicted by the possession of varying attributes. Reality according to Jains is permanent in the midst of changes. It means that things must not be judged from one point of view, as it has many aspects. The derivative meaning of the word anekāntavāda given...
Posted: 05.07.2015
Slideshow: Click on the play button. In the bottom line you can select each single painting to be displayed. Click on the displayed paiting and you enter Flickr for further options. The stories behind the paintings: Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahavira
Posted: 21.04.2015
By Dr. Manju Nahata
Sadi: Anadi Manju Nahata Description of the painting ‘Sadi: Anadi’ Jainism has a beginning from the point of view that Rishabhanath established it in our own era. Yet it is beginningless because from time immemorial it is present in every era. In this painting, there is a ‘Kalpa-vriksha’ shown in the upper section of the extreme left. It is a big wish-fulfilling tree. These trees are of ten kinds. The...
Posted: 27.03.2015
By Dr. Manju Nahata
Acharya Tulsi International Conference Miami Lecture, 02.12.2014 Introduction We have gathered here today to throw light upon Acharya Sri Tulsi's modern and futuristic approach to Jainism, but, I would like to begin my discourse with a flashback, going back to the 1920's A time when religion was synonymous with the mere practice of rituals A time when morals were freely compromised for personal gains A time...
Posted: 10.03.2015
By Dr. Manju Nahata
These paintings were exhibited at the Acharya Tulsi International Conference (2014) Miami, Florida (USA) Quotes of Acharya Tulsi illustrated by Dr. Manju Nahata
Posted: 08.07.2013
Metropolitan Museum of Art Shalibhadra Performing Austerities - Folio from a Shalibhadra Manuscript Date: ca. 1725 Culture: India (Gujarat) Medium: Ink and opaque watercolour on paper Dimensions: Overall: 9 1/4 x 4 3/4 in. (23.5 x 12.1 cm) Classification: Paintings Credit Line: Gift of A. Richard Benedek, 1977 Accession Number: 1977.450.2 Description: In the upper register, the Jain Shalibhadra, born to great...
Posted: 26.06.2013
Parshvanatha, 33rd Tirthankara Jain Bronze Tri-Tirthankara Statue National Museum, New Delhi, India Materials: Bangladeshi Lost Wax Method: Bronze Total Height Including Base: 21 inches Base Width & Depth: 16 x 10 inches Weight: 32 pounds Write up on the original sculpture taken from the National Museum, New Delhi: The bronze metal sculpture is of a Tirthankara, a Jain savior, who sits in the center with two...
Posted: 12.05.2013
Invitation, Shanti Panchal: Shanti Panchal was born in Mesar, a village in Gujarat, India, and studied at the Sir JJ School of Art, Bombay. He came to England on a British Council scholarship to study at the Byam Shaw School of Art, London from 1978-80, and has lived and worked in London since - with annual winter visits to India. He has been artist-in-residence at the British Museum, the Harris Museum...
Posted: 17.04.2013
Gyanbazi Game of Snakes & Ladders Gouache on cloth. 19th century. India. This is a painting of a very popular Indian boardgame - Snakes and Ladders - which Jains often play during the festival of Paryushan. The game teaches one Jain ethics (each square says something about a good or bad way of life). As players move through the squares, they can move up to a higher world through the aid of a ladder, or move...
Posted: 07.04.2013
Introduction Legendary Vijay Vallabh Smarak Jain Mandir built amidst a verdant 20 acres of prime land on National Highway No. I, under the aegis of Shree Atma Vallabh Jain Smarak Shikshan Nidhi - an all India recognised Educational Trust, is a land mark in Delhi. The majestic shrine has been constructed in sand stone without the use of any steel. The structure is in complete harmony with Jain Art &...
Posted: 11.01.2013
Smithsonian Institution, Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Jain goddess Sarasvati By Jagadeva (act. 12th century). India, state of Gujarat, 1153. White marble. Lent by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, gift of Anna Bing Arnold. This image of Sarasvati, goddess of music and learning, was carved in 1153. The four-armed goddess holds stylized lotuses (symbols of purity) in both upper hands;...

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