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An INTERFAITH gathering of Prayer for World Peace

Jain Samaj Manchester


 Sunday 29th November 2015


12.30 p.m. to 1.30 p.m. Meet and Greet with light refreshments

1.30 p.m. Welcome by Mr Piyush Mehta, President, JSM and Lighting the lamp and inauguration by Honourable Abid Chohan, Councillor

1:35 p.m.  Introduction of JSM Arhat Touch and Performance by SRA Basic

1.40 p.m   Invitation to commence prayers by SRA Level 4

1.45 p.m. Prayers by Ed Cox from Inspire Church and Levenshulme Council of Churches and Jane Graystone from Longsight Church of Nazarene and Manchester City of Sanctuary

1.55 p.m. Prayer by Venerable Phra Nicholas Thanissaro from Wat Phra Dhammakaya

2.00 p.m. Prayers by Rita Ashworth Levenshulme Faith Network and Chris Moore from Buddhist Convention

2.05 p.m. Prayer by Mukesh Pancholi from Brahma Kumaris

2.15 p.m. Peace Prayer and dance by SRA Level 1 and 3

2.20 p.m. Prayer by Mr.Rajnikant Mistry from Vishwa Hindu Parishad  

2.25 p.m. Prayer by Paula Hayes from Peacemala

2.30 p.m. Prayers by Qaisara Shahraz from Inspector & Education Consultant (BW, Cfbt & Serco) Novelist & Scriptwriter Trustee of Manchester Multi-Faith Centre & Vice-Chair of Faith Network 4 Manchester (FNFM) and  Imam Asad Zaman from Manchester Mosque

2.40 p.m. Peace message and Prayer from Arhat Touch children followed by  Vote of Thanks by Mr.Suresh Mehta, Trustee, JSM

Followed by Exhibition from various faith groups



2015.11.29 JSM.Arhat Touch 01


2015.11.29 JSM.Arhat Touch 02


2015.11.29 JSM.Arhat Touch 03


Interfaith gathering of prayer for world peace and exhibition from various faiths.
The purpose of the event was


  1. Interfaith gathering of different faiths
  2. The importance of Peace and prayers  and the role played by children of  Shrimad Rajchandra Arhat Touch
  3. Awareness of Jain religion and other faiths. Exhibition were held on Jainism,(ICWJ_) Hinduism, different faith networks, Buddhism.
  4. As part of the Peacemala  accreditation program

Welcome was done by the president of Jain Samaj Manchester Mr.Piyush Mehta,   and was accompanied by Honorable Mr.Abid Chohan, Councillor of Manchester City Council for the ceremonial lighting of the lamp amongst a  gathering of nearly 200 people.  Dr Kirti Jasani, Bhaiya  gave the introduction on Shrimad Rajchandraji, Gandhiji and Arhat Touch. The children of SRA Basic recited the Navkar Mantra and offered a dance on peace - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYzwruuXtJE
Tatva Shah from SRA Level 4 introduced the importance of Peace and prayers. He said,

“Peace is when people are able to resolve their conflicts without violence and can work together to improve the quality of their lives. In Matthew 5:38 the famous quote, “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” shows us how the solution for our lack of peace has escaped us for centuries and how if we continue to retaliate then war will slowly destroy us all. In the past few years we have witnessed and mourned the innocent deaths in the name of religion. Today, let us consciously pray for World peace and the ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness amongst and within all nations and people.”

Children of SRA Level 1 and 3 expressed their feelings about peace, unity and equality through a very fun dance and in celebration. Danced on   http://youtu.be/JjyLkXjK69I

The lyrics were on screen so all participated in the song.

 Shivani Patel and Anmol Sangraka said “Mankind has benefitted from the presence of evolved beings like Buddha, Krishna, Christ, Prophet Muhammad and Mahavira. These selfless divine souls who left no stone unturned to show us the path leading to peace, harmony and happiness. The path of Ahimsa or peace, compassion for all LIFE FORMS remains unsurpassed. Mahatma Gandhi whose guide was Shrimad Rajchandraji, rightly stated: "Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man."   Ahimsa promotes - that all life is sacred, our attitude towards living beings must change and we should all desire to live and let live. To injure or harm others is to harm or exploit oneself. Fire cannot be put out with fire. For this purpose it is our duty to stop adding fuel to the flames.  The next Jain principle of Aparigraha, or limiting possessions and our attachments to them can help us in our pursuit of world peace. Aparigrah encourages non- Jainism believes that individual reform is the golden path leading to social reform. Our individual passions and evils have their reflection on society. Hence ethical code asks us to examine reform and morally uplift ourselves without waiting on others for lead. If we are individually peaceful within, peace on the outside is certain and sure. The 3rd major principle is Anekantvad, or non-absolutism.   This principle expects us not to attack, disregard or abhor the views of others. The philosophy of non-Absolutism, tries to harmonize all conflicting interests, appreciates there is more than one side to a story, it promotes unity in diversity. This individual resolve to prove their point has resulted in bloodshed and war, all to prove their superiority. To get rid of these passions which are major factors in disturbing the peaceful co-existence of our various nations and cultures, the Jain philosophy of Non-Absolutism or ANEKANTVAAD teaches us to be tolerant, charitable, unbiased, selfless and sympathetic. Jain scriptures say that a blood-stained cloth cannot be washed off with blood - we need water for that. To achieve world peace, we have to stop the race of armaments. They recited Shivamastu..... Sureshbhai Mehta  Trustee of JSM said thanked to Lord Mahavir, Shrimad RajcandraJi and Pujyashri

Gurudev Rakeshbhai for giving us Jain religion, its explanation and  Arhat Touch.

Healthy jain food was prepared and sold by sevaks - which included bhel, samosa, fresh fruit smoothie, eggless cake.

Diganataries who attended:

  1.  Honorable Mr.Abid Chohan, Councillor of Manchester City Council
  2. Jane Graystone from Longsight Church of Nazarene and secretary of Manchester city of Sanctuary 
  3.  Venerable Phra Nicholas Thanissaro from Wat Phra Dhammakaya
  4.  Rita Ashworth of the Levenshulme Faith Network
  5.   Chris Moore from the Buddhist Convention
  6.  Mr. Mukesh Pancholi from the Brahma kumaris
  7.  Mr. Rajnikant Mistry from Vishwa Hindu Parishad
  8.  Paula Hayes from Peacemala
  9.  Qaisara Shahraz from the from Inspector & Education Consultant (BW, Cfbt & Serco)Novelist & Scriptwriter Trustee of Manchester Multi-Faith Centre & Vice-Chair of Faith Network 4 Manchester (FNFM)
  10.  Imam Asad Zaman,Manchester mosque
  11.  Bernard Ekbery of Manchester Green Party
  12.  David  How, Head teacher of Beaver Road Primary school
  13.  Andrew Shakos of Headmaster of Parrswood School

Mr Abid Chohan said “The children performance was brilliant and learnt so much about other faiths. I would always like to come for such events if invited by you.”

Jane Graystone from Longsight Church of Nazarene and secretary of Manchester city of Sanctuary offered prayers on behalf of the Christian community. Jane requested the children of Arhat Touch to distribute daisy flowers. She narrated a story of a little boy in Paris who was so afraid of the bad men and his father told him, if they give bombs, we give flowers, since we have each other and we have compassion.  She said - “Creator of the universe, you call us for peace, Savior of the universe, you call us to love one another, with this love, we love the other, Sprit of the universe, you call us to pray for our enemies, so we pray for peace within us that comes from forgiveness and hope.  Be a peacemaker, and offer a flower to someone you know, you don’t know and would like to know. I am  overwhelmed by the event hosted by Arhat Touch".

Venerable Phra Nicholas Thanissaro from Wat Phra Dhammakaya offered prayers and blessings on behalf of the Buddhists.  He said “To respect the roots because if you have no roots, ask where do you come from? Who are you? Peace is not lack of war. First find peace inside oneself, than we can extend peace to other people in the world. The principle of Ahimsa is common with Jainism and one can come in touch very easily with the Arhat inside, the peacefulness inside oneself, by touching our mind.  He played a game for the young Arhats  - “if you can think of the sun brightly - close your eyes, imagine the yellow sun in the stomach, when you can see it  than a special feeling will arise, asking Arhats how they felt? Peacefulness.  Touch with the peaceful Arhat inside you, so there is no argument, no war– don’t make an effort to get peace, but start by being peace.’  He was very impressed with the event and organization and different range of speakers, a positive and inspiring event.

Rita Ashworth of the Levenshulme Faith Network and Chris Moore from the Buddhist Convention offered their prayers.  She said, “We have to share with people of different faith and nonfaith and connect with our heart.” Buddhist convention - brings different Buddhist schools together.  It was an interesting event and having our own stall and nice to know more about Jainism and other faiths.”

Mr. Rajnikant Mistry from Vishwa Hindu Parishad recited prayers from Vedas. He said, “To sustain peace and harmony in the universe, the forefathers believed in Eternal dharma- sanatan dharma.  Recitation of Om brings internal harmony and universal harmony.”  He opined, a very constructive event and am encouraged by children’s viewpoint and the environment of peace and informative exhibitions.

Mr. Mukesh Pancholi from the Brahma kumaris said, “Om Shanti is the greeting of peace to each and every one of us. First place to look for peace is inside us. Our minds, our thoughts are not peaceful than it is difficult to create peace. Any unkind words, can destroy a relationship and separates us and loving words brings us closer to each other. Peaceful actions and behavior the way I perform my actions daily, conveys peace eg the way we walk and interact with each other brings peacefulness into our life. In Meditation, we visualize light, energy at the centre of our forehead. Let the peace flow in our body first and allow our body to take these vibrations. This will emit through our eyes which radiates peacefulness, into this world and into this universe.” 

Paula Hayes from Peacemala mentioned that Peace Mala is a double rainbow symbolic bracelet that promotes friendship, respect and peace between the faiths and all people in our world. It cuts through all forms of prejudice and celebrates what makes us different from each other. It is a vision for the future. Wearing the Peace Mala is a promise to help create a better world. This program has been adapted by Arhat Touch. Peace Mala focuses on the Golden Rule: "Treat others as you would wish them to treat you". She said, it is an absolutely wonderful event, to watch the children taking part and passing the message of peace.

Qaisara Shahraz from the from Inspector & Education Consultant (BW, Cfbt & Serco)Novelist & Scriptwriter Trustee of Manchester Multi-Faith Centre & Vice-Chair of Faith Network 4 Manchester (FNFM) congratulated JSM Arhat touch for arranging this well organized and marvelous event on peace itself in these troubled times. The display, the performances are excellent and congratulated the parents and teachers for the wonderful participation. “We are all peace makers, respect each other and get out of our little boxes and celebrate diversity.

Imam Asad Zaman, giving sermons at various Manchester mosques, said that in the 40 years he has been practicing Islam there is no mention in the Quran to fight in the name of religion but it says to leave peacefully with all as brothers and sisters. He was very pleased that he was invited by JSM Arhat Touch to represent the Muslim community.

Bernard Ekbery of Manchester Green Party said, “It's good to see events supporting world peace like this and I found the speeches and prayers for world peace very uplifting.”

David How, Head teacher of Beaver Road Primary school said, “It was a pleasure to be here and see so much joy and determination to work hard for peace in our world”

Andrew Shakos of Headmaster of Parrswood School said, “Your community children are a credit to our community and am impressed with their commitment”


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