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Thus Spoke Mahapragya - Vol.1: 11. A Dream

Published: 04.04.2011

A Dream

Acharya Tulsi’s Dream

“To develop intellectuals who would be among the world’s best intellectuals who would give something back to the society.”

It was a Sunday and a holiday for the people, but not for us. At around 9.30 AM, in the morning we started our discussion about the University. Y.S Rajan was the chief scientist and a very close aide of the President. We were in constant touch with him. He used to convey all the programs that were held here and those which would be held in future to the President and would convey back the message from President to us, if any. He was the bridge between us and the President. Our discussion with him was to develop the University and how we could modernize it and equip it with the best. Based on the outcome of the discussion, we all felt the need to develop Jain intellectuals who would be one among the world's best. Acharya Tulsi always had a dream to develop intellectuals from this University who would be among the world's best intellectuals and they would give something back to the entire society. The reason for this was that the Jain Dharma has the capability and can contribute to the current generation, the science, the development of intellectuals and finding solutions to the current problems etc. The problem that lies is that Jain's have devoted very less time in reading their own literature.

Jain's have contributed a lot to the society in the form of big buildings and temple, however they have neglected the development of Jain education system, Jain Darshan (vision), Jain Tatvachintan (knowledge of principles). Acharya Tulsi was a visionary with a foresight. He focussed on this aspect. It was his dream and he worked towards developing intellectuals. Shrichandji Rampuria who was an intellectual himself was the chancellor of the university. He was like a fatherly person for both Jain Vishwabharati and the deemed University. Every month he used to have a discussion on this topic with us.

Today was an auspicious day. We discussed on the need for developing Jain intellectuals. Based on the discussion, Rajanji proposed setting up a committee, which would be entrusted with this responsibility of developing Jain intellectuals. We had discussion with Raghunathji, Sudhamahiji, Mahashramanji and Muni Mahendra Kumarji and set up the goal of developing intellectuals in the time frame of next three years. Those who are qualified would be trained further. The next question that came was about funding the program. As the dream would take shape this problem also would be solved. The committee decided to contribute annually ten lakh each. The moment was such that we believed that Acharya Tulsi's dream would turn into reality very soon. The foundation for the dream was laid. We had discussion happening on this over a long time and finally it has taken a shape today. The University would soon take a new shape.

Along with this there had been a discussion on many topics. A program would be initiated where some trainers would be trained from here based on the Ahimsa Training Center model. These trainers would help in the development of Sales Management, Conflict Management, Rural Development and other new initiatives and thus strengthen the department of Ahimsa. I firmly believe that this discussion, would give Jain Dharma and Jain Darshan (vision) a new dimension. Many people have even come from countries like America, France, Germany, Britain and many other countries. This would certainly take Preksha Dhyan and Ahimsa to a new height. The Ahimsa Training would be the base for all developmental activities. Acharya Tulsi also had the vision where along with India's Independence a revolution of moral values should also take place among the people. With the gain of independence, if the development of the moral values doesn't happen in the same scale, then moving forward it would lead to numerous problems and our independence would cost us very dearly.

Toynbee was a well-known historian. According to him there were twenty-one civilizations that had developed in the world. However over a period of time only three existed and the rest perished due to disintegration of moral values. Moral Values are very important. It is based on this Acharya Tulsi pioneered the Anuvrat Andolan[1] (Anuvrat Movement).  Dr. Rajendra Prasad also gave his full support to Anuvrat Movementand said that it can be a catalyst in the development of the nation. He even wrote a letter to the first prime minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru asking him to meet Acharya Tulsi in Delhi. He further said that Acharya Tulsi had a very good plan for the development of nation. It was a very long discussion about how Anuvrat Movement came into existence, how it was embraced and how it flourished.

Long back Acharya Tulsi had said that Anuvrat has a very powerful code of conduct. How can this reach the masses? How can one influence the people to adopt it? One has to think on these lines also. Hence as a result, the Preksha Dhyan was developed. It was decided that with meditation it would be possible to make Anuvrat acceptable and effective among the masses. When a person meditates, his hormonal secretion would under go a change which would bring about a change in the person. Preksha Dhyan has been a catalyst in bringing about this change.

Acharya Tulsi was always full of new ideas. He said thousands of people were coming to the Preksha Dhyan camp.  Their curiosity had increased and tremendous changes were happening in them. People could see the change in themselves not only physically, mentally but also emotionally. It was Acharya Tulsi's foresight to take this program to schools and universities and connect with the new of the future. Today they are taught as a subject known as Jeevan Vigyan (Life Science). One would be surprised to know that so far four to five million students have benefited out of this program taught in various schools in different regions of India. Ramchandra Purve, a minister in Bihar used to hear our pravachana (preaching's) in Sanskar Channel regularly and he was so influenced that he got associated with us. He had written to us that he could see tremendous change in his family members because of this program. He was so impressed with our program that he prepared a charter and presented it to the Chief Minister of Bihar. He has whole heartedly contributed in the success of this program in his state and this program is now running on a very wide scale.

The twenty-sixth hundred birth centenary of Lord Mahavir was celebrated as 'Ahimsa Varsha' (Year of Non-Violence). After eight months of this announcement, I had written letters to the Centre saying that though the announcement was done, we all must work towards it. The declaration should not just remain in papers. Hence it was decided to launch 'Ahimsa Yatra' (Journey of Non-Violence) and convey the message of 'Ahimsa' (Non-Violence) among the masses. Three years of this journey has completed and the fourth year has begun.

The President came to Surat and requested that we should celebrate 'Ahimsa Yatra' in Delhi in the coming year. Hence we decided to have our chaturmas in Delhi in 2005 instead of the originally planned Udaipur. The President requested us to continue our Ahimsa Yatra in Delhi and join him for initiating some huge program. The Surat Spiritual Declaration was formed and based on this a foundation was formed and the President, Raghunathji, Sudhamahiji, Rajanji and many more dignitaries got associated. Based on their request we had to extend the Ahimsa Yatra for another two years. The three year Ahimsa Yatra now became a five year journey. The motto of this Ahimsa Yatra was to spread the message of Non-Violence.

I consider Non-Violence Training as a key to solve most of the problems today. Violence cannot be stopped by either punishment, fear or even by Police. It can be controlled if it can bring about a change in the person’s heart and his attitude.  One cannot bring about a change in the person’s heart just by discussions and preaching's. We have to have small practical examples in front of him. Hence we didn't restrict Ahimsa as just preaching but also linked it to the Employment Generation schemes. Based on this many centers for employment came up. In Indore the well known Kothari family which owns an academy to train the IAS (Indian Administrative Services) officers came forward to open one such center. After seeing the success of this program, many ministers came forward and requested us to open such training centers in their constituency. Today, in Indore alone there are twenty five such centers. There are centres running in states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Chronological Sequence of events

AnuvratPreksha DhyanJeevan VigyanAhimsa Training

Non-Violence can solve most of the problems today. Chronologically if we see the sequence of events, Anuvrat came first followed by Preksha Dhyan. Preksha Dhyan was followed by Jeevan Vigyan. Jeevan Vigyan was followed finally by Ahimsa Training.  Just the theoretical knowledge without any practical exposure doesn't help. How does one bring about a transformation in the personality of an individual? There is a complete course and training defined for this. With this long discussion on various topics and on the development of intellectuals, I am excited that the dream of Acharya Tulsi would come true. Bhandariji, Chairman of Mahasabha Surendraji Chauradia, Professor Galeda and all should think in these lines as to how one can develop the intellectuals from the proposed university and how these intellectuals can move forward and fulfill the vision of Jain Darshan. Once this happens, it would indeed be a great achievement.

I am sure these thoughts that has gone in today will materialize into activities which will yield the fruits in the coming years. I am confident that the university will produce intellectuals who will take the Jain Darshan further.  We all should have one goal and common belief that the Jain Dharma is capable of solving today's problems of the world. We have to work hard and strive towards this goal. We must make an attempt to understand Mahaveer's philosophy on hard work (purusharth). I am sure, through hard work we can achieve a lot.

On a 16th January


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Mahapragya ne Kaha - Vol.1 Translated by:
Rakesh Kumar Jain Online Edition: 2011

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