Thus Spoke Mahapragya - Vol.1: 17. Experiments With Preksha

Published: 12.04.2011

Experiments with Preksha

There are two forms of religion: religion of the tradition and religion of the soul. Dhyan (meditation) is the religion of the soul. It is not associated with any tradition, community or any religious place. The people who come for Preksha Dhyan meditation camp experience what they feel. Nobody forces them with anything and hence they can truly experience their own religion. When it is one's own religion, the true happiness can be experienced from within. This true happiness is from within and it makes an individual blissful.

People attending the Preksha Dhyan come from different regions and follow different traditions and religion. When they come here they experience unity. The reason for this is that our body may be different, but our soul is one. It is our differentiation at the body level that is causing most of the problems today. Muni Kumar Shraman and Muni Jay Kumar are responsible for these meditation camps. They have a dedicated team for this and look after organizing camps in various cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Surat etc. So far three international camps also have been organized. As days are passing by these camps are gaining more prominence and the opportunities are also increasing. The Russians have shown a lot of interest. Looking at their interest it looks that we have a tremendous scope in Russia. Their leader 'Lugo' is with us and has shown tremendous interest, enthusiasm and involvement towards Preksha Dhyan.

Life after retirement

People who are in the age group of fifty and sixty years should start planning now itself as to what they would do when they retire.

To solve most of the current problems, meditation can be a very important medium. For this it is required that we have a proper training. Samani's[1] visit the foreign countries to create awareness towards meditation has yielded positive results. As a result, more people are now visiting India. Samani's alone cannot travel and cover all the places. It is a Herculean task, and the need of the hour is people from all walks of life should come forward to get trained and spread this awareness. This giant effort would definitely bring success. The Russians have begun their preparations and a group of ten to twelve people are getting trained on this. People from America, Germany and Britain etc can come forward, get trained and spread this awareness. This could help us tremendously in making the efforts of spreading Preksha Dhyan successful. Whether people believe in Jainism or any other form of religion, the underlying fact is that they are creating an inner holistic desire to explore spiritualism. People who are in the age group of fifty and sixty years should start planning now itself as to what they would do when they retire. After retirement, they should not spend time in solitude or being in depression. They have to channel their energy in this direction and develop a positive attitude towards their life and grow strong.

Daily Routine

Spend at least half an hour everyday on practicing Kayotsarga, Deerghaswasha Preksha, Samvritti swasha preksha and Jyoti Kendra Preksha.

Earlier the belief was that after the age of sixty years intelligence decreases. The present day research has proven that even after the age of sixty years intelligence continues to develop. The brain's capacity increases and the neurons and its connections also increase rapidly. Earlier it was also believed these neurons once destroyed were not replaced. The anatomy of the body is such that when a cell is destroyed a new cell replaces it. However for neurons it was not like that. The present day research has revealed that even neurons once dead are replaced with new neurons. Hence the mental capacity of a person doesn't deteriorate with age. Everybody must work for one common goal and be instrumental in the development of oneself and others also.

What would you do after you return home from the Preksha Dhyan meditation? I would recommend you all that you spend at least half an hour on practicing Kayotsarga (auto-relaxation / detachment from body), Deerghaswasha Preksha (deep breathing), Samvritti swasha preksha (exhaling breath through one nostril and inhaling through the other) and Jyoti Kendra Preksha (perception of the pineal gland). Once you start practicing this you would eventually start progressing and developing.

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Mahapragya ne Kaha - Vol.1 Translated by:
Rakesh Kumar Jain Online Edition: 2011

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