Preksha Dhyana: Therapeutic Thinking: [5] Psychic Centres

Published: 09.03.2010

To remove the root cause of emotional sickness, beastly impulses and carnal desires which obstruct the acquisition of desirable virtues, it is essential to know the sources of these spiritual maladies and their modus operandi. Once this is known, the process of catharsis becomes easy and efficient.

The endocrines and the nervous systems are two very important systems of our body. Function of both these systems is to integrate the organism. Close collaboration between the two systems governs mental states, behaviour and habits. The functional interlocking between both, qualify them to be regarded as constituting a single integrated system called neuro-endocrine system. It is this system which comprises a substantial part of the subconscious mind, profoundly influences psychological behaviour and tendencies of the conscious mind. It is the seat of the impulses and emotions of an individual. It secretes chemical substances which are called hormones and neuro-hormones. They have profound influence upon the mental states and tendencies, attitudes, emotions and behaviour of every individual. It is, therefore, obvious that to remove the root cause of spiritual maladies such as cruelty, terrorism, hate etc., we have to find means of transmuting the synthesization of these chemical messengers focusing full attention of specific neural points and endocrine gland called psychic centres and modify the synthesization of the chemical messengers and weaken the intensities of brutal impulses and urges.

The following table gives the names of the psychic centres, their location and their association with nervous and endocrine systems.


Psychic Centre

Endocrine Gland/ Neural Point



Śakti Kendra Centre of Energy


Bottom end of the spinal cord


Svāsthya Kendra Centre of Health


Lower abdomen


Taijasa Kendra Centre of Bio-electricity

Adrenals, and Islets of Langerhans



Ānanda Kendra Centre of Bliss


Near the heart


Viśuddhi Kendra

Thyroid, Parathyroid

Adam's apple, Throat


Brahma Kendra Centre of Celibacy

Sense-organ of Taste

Tongue (Tip)


Prāṇa Kendra Centre of Vitality

Sense-organ of Smell

Nose (Tip)


Chākṣusa Kendra Centre of Vision

Sense-organ of Sight



Apramāda Kendra Centre of Vigilance

Sense-organ of Hearing



Darśana Kendra Centre of Intuition


Middle of the two eyebrows


Jyoti Kendra Centre of Enlightenment


Centre of the Forehead


Śānti Kendra Centre of Peace


Front part of the head


Jñāna Kendra Centre of Wisdom

Cerebral Cortex

Top of the head.


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