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Preksha Dhyana: Therapeutic Thinking: [15] Exercise For Acquiring The Virtue Of Gentleness

Published: 16.03.2010

Gentleness means mild, sweet and modest manner of dealing with people. It is essential for a peaceful family and social life. It implies a flexible nature and one who develops this virtue has the ability to extricate himself from tight corners and turn unfavourable conditions into favourable ones. What cannot be achieved by harsh discipline can be easily done by gentleness. Harshness, opposite to gentleness, implies cruelty either deliberate or unintentional and suggests roughness or severity of treatment Whereas individual gentleness promotes social health, harshness is sure to result in bitterness and conflict.

Instructions for the Exercise:
1-2. Steps 1-2 as in exercise no. 1
3-4. Steps 3-4 as in exercise no. 9, except that the colour to be visualized and inhaled is bright green (as that of emerald).

Focus your full attention on the Centre of Peace and recite the following sentences first loudly (nine times) and then mentally (nine times):

  • My gentleness is increasing.
  • My arrogance and rashness are diminishing.

Contemplate on the high moral value of this virtue on the following lines:

  • I should behave with gentleness towards people and things.
  • I shall cultivate humbleness towards truth i.e., 'whatever I say or do is Truth'is arrogance and I should be mentally free from it
  • I should refrain from being arrogant about my wealth, learning, etc.
  • Thanksgiving to express gratitude, and supporting benevolent actions are essential features for a successful carrier.
  • Saying 'sorry' for a lapse and begging pardon for improper behaviour, are means to attain greatness.
  • I will observe all the rules of proper behaviour.
7. Step 7 as in exercise no. 1.

Published by:
Jain Vishva Bharati
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Edited by: Muni Mahendra Kumar

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Third Edition: September, 1995

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