Preksha Dhyana: Therapeutic Thinking: [16] Exercise For Acquiring The Virtue Of Fearlessness

Published: 17.03.2010

Fearlessness i.e. freedom from irrational fear is a virtue. It implies a firmness of character arising from strong moral convictions and indicates a willingness to proceed with the plan inspite of external deterrents and internal misgivings. Thus, it shows a readiness to face danger or difficulty in carrying out a risky but important mission, often not entirely without fear, but always without letting fear prevent one from doing one's duty. This virtue gives one resolute freedom from fear and a cool unshakable determination which enables one to refuse to be disheartened, intimidated or discouraged from proceeding further. Attainment of this virtue develops inner nobility of character which enables one to sacrifice one's own interests to save others. This is a positive virtue which should not be confused with recklessness or audacity which implies wild, irresponsible action.

Instructions for the Exercise:
1-2. Steps 1-2 as in exercise no. 1
3-4. Steps 3-4 as in exercise no. 9 except that the colour to be visualized and inhaled is bright rose pink,

Focus your full attention on the Centre of Bliss and recite the following sentence first loudly (nine times) and then mentally (nine times).

  • My fearlessness is increasing.
  • My instinct of fear is diminishing

Contemplate on the high moral value of this virtue on the following lines:

  • Fear withers even the developed abilities and does not permit the latent ones to be developed. I must, therefore, strive to attain the virtue of fearlessness.
  • Everybody tries to frighten one who is afraid.
  • Fear makes one a coward.
  • A coward does neither attract respect nor sympathy.
  • I firmly resove to attain fearlessness to develop latent inner strength.
  • Undoubtedly I will attain freedom from fear.
7. Step 7 as in exercise no. 1.

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