Ahimsa Yatra : Brnala

Published: 12.02.2006
Updated: 02.07.2015

The Ahimsa Yatra and H.H. Acharyashree entered the city in a big procession. Different religious persons took part in the gathering on the ground of D. L. T. S. public school.

Acharyashree said in his sermon, “There are two types of Yatra, one inward, and the other outward. Outward travelling is known, but inward travelling is not known. One should also undertake internal trips.

Very often, religion has got attachment with temptation to get some material gain. Religious consciousness should have a higher stage, so that people can feel that religion is helping them. Where there is dishonest and immorality, there is no value of religion.

A religious person should know exactly which benefits he has received by following his religion for many years and feel the difference to other people. Jainism is the path of freedom from all attachments and aversions.

There cannot be any change in the life of a religious person, where there are ego, greed, anger, and fear. If there is no difference in the lifestyle of a religious person, religion is of no great value. That religion is proper which brings down ego, attachment and greed and helps grow amity and good conduct. Religion is followed only to develop character and self-power.

There is propriety in non-violence and good financial arrangements, and there is no propriety in violence and bad financial management. Religion now is away from its reality and entangled in name and form. We should become aware of the reality of religion and differentiate between sect and religion. Religion is beyond the sect, when this is realised, many problems could be solved.

Nowadays, moral values are on the decrease, the focus lies on money. This is creating problems. The prime aim of the Ahimsa Yatra is to change this viewpoint, that people can recognise reality. Due to wrong thinking, many persons are following the path of show and vanities. In this age of management, people should try to see their own short falls and rectify the same.”


Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra, Delhi, India, e-mail: sadhanakendra@gmail.com
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