Ahimsa Yatra : Sherpura

Published: 11.02.2006
Updated: 02.07.2015

People had gathered in the ground of Bhartiya’s Girls College, to welcome H.H. Acharyashree. He addressed the gathering by saying, “To have faith in religion is a good thing, but it is not complete. It will be complete only, when faith is accompanied with the knowledge of from where have I come, what have I been in the previous life, and what will I be in the next life. One should assess his life. It is a big thing to get a human life. Everybody should know that man is able to attain salvation and should work in helping others.
If someone asks, which religion is great, the answer is, where there is Penance, Aparigraha, and self-restraint, that religion is the best.

The social worker gives his services to the society. A religious person should deeply think, what benefits he is drawing from religion. Are greed, attachment, and liking reducing or increasing? When a religious person is carving for wealth, he should try to reduce it. A religious person should always be aware to control his emotions.

Greediness is like a spider’s web that entangles a person in infatuations. Under the influence of infatuation, he is under the influence of attachment and greediness. His conscious mind lies dormant and his intellect becomes dull. Due to delirium, the person does the wrong thing, even while knowing that it is not correct.

It is causing great harm, when one does not have control over his senses and his mind. A religious person should try to control and reduce the activities of his mind.

He should ponder deeply and recognise that pains and pleasures are due to his own soul. One should be aware of one’s own character and behaviour. Spiritual development may take place, where there are firm resolutions and determinations.


Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra, Delhi, India, e-mail: sadhanakendra@gmail.com
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