Ahimsa Yatra : Tapa Mandi

Published: 15.02.2006
Updated: 02.07.2015

Tapa Mandi, 15.02.2006

Non-violence is the Base of Development and Amity

The people of Tapa Mandi received the Ahimsa Yatra outside the town with great enthusiasm and welcomed H.H. Acharya Shree and the Yatris. Nearly all dignitaries of different walks of life assembled to hear His Holiness. His Holiness in his benevolent sermon told the gathering that Saintliness is a life of full of labour. Where there is easy life and comfort-seeking attitude there cannot be non-violence. The saintliness of Acharya Tulsi had played a great role in the agreement between the former Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi and Longwal. There was an impasse in the parliament some years ago, at that time, also Acharya Tulsi had brought the solution. This happens only, when the humanitarian spirit prevails. Sage Patanjali, author of Yoga Sutras, had also said, where Ahimsa is well established, relationship develops among people, and they are forgetting enmity and conflicts. So non-violence is the base of development and amity.

Man has developed the lethal atomic weapons, the same weapons are now cause of worry for him. Today we need the missile of peace. The need of the hour is the development of self-control in the society. The more training in non-violence will be given, the more the outcome itself will bring peace and development of character. At night, His Holiness gave guidance for better living to the audience.

Tapa Mandi, 16.02.2006

In the morning sermon, among the gathering of eminent personalities, including local members of assembly Sri Kangra, His Holiness gave stress to observe the rules of religion and morality in their life. The man who practices forgiveness, humbleness, detachment and honesty is a real follower of religion. After the programme, a journalist took the interview with His Holiness about his mission. The two days programme of His Holiness brought new life in the fifty Terapanthi families, and many new joined them.


Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra, Delhi, India, e-mail: sadhanakendra@gmail.com
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