Ahimsa Yatra : Dhuri : A Person Living In Non-Violence Becomes Dear To All

Published: 07.02.2006
Updated: 02.07.2015

A programme called Amrit Mahotsava or Chitta Samadhi Year was held on February 7th 2006 in a large gathering in Dhuri, Punjab. On this day, this year H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna had completed his 75th year of initiation into monkshood.
[Very often, Indian dates are given in Tithis, which results in different dates of the usual solar calendar. Editors.]

H.H. Acharyashree told the gathering that he was born in a village without any school, “My development was made under the guidance of my Gurus, Acharyas Kalugani and Tulsi. I do think that man is not complete in himself; he has got greatness as well as weakness. Where there is awareness, there is also unawareness. One, who leaves behind weakness, advances his qualities. Due to the grace of guru, I became diligent from negligent.

I have lived a life of Dharma, not of the sect. Sect is an arrangement that is descending from guru to disciple. But our main base is TRUTH. We follow truth and try to understand its limitless.”

Acharyashree further explained the formulas of his life, Non-Violence, Truth and Penance, “A person leading the life of non-violence becomes dear to all. Everyone should follow the path of non-violence by having well wishes for all and no malice thoughts for others. One, who thinks harmful of others, does harm himself before.

Sayama (self restraint) is of great importance. Every organization, which has got this aim, becomes great and solid. Every individual should be aware of this fact, by following this, there will be progress in his life. Those who take intoxicants become financially weak and create tensions in their family life. Also they harm their body and soul.”

During his stay in Dhuri, many people took the vow to stop intoxication according to the teachings of Acharya Mahaprajna.

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