Ahimsa Yatra : Dhuri : Maryada Mahotsav 2006 (2)

Published: 06.02.2006
Updated: 02.07.2015

Dhuri, 02.02.2006

On the first day of the three days celebration of 142nd Maryada Mahotsav, H. H. Acharya Mahaprajna installed the original Maryada Mahotsav Paper and declared to begin the programme. The Dharam Sangh, which has great value for order, discipline and propriety of conduct, should follow them strictly and have higher goal of success.

We should take an oath on this day, that we should have discipline and propriety of conduct in our life. Service is the great act of religion living in a community. Correlation, service and co-operation are the best components of higher meditation. H.H. also inspired the monks and nuns to be aware of their five great vows, the five actions and three controls of their ascetic life. This is the first clause of the Maryada Patra. The five great vows are the base of monkhood. Right action and control have the same values. The householders should give pure alms to the monks, and the monks should take the same while having the full investigation about purity.

Acharya Bikshu has propounded the rule that relinquishment is religion and greed is irreligion, vows and discipline are religion and non-vows and indiscipline are irreligion. Acharya Mahaprajna inspired the gathering to follow the discipline established by Acharya Bikshu.

Dhuri, 03.02.2006

The second day of Maryada Mahotsav was the day, when H. H. Acharya Mahaprajna had occupied the seat of Acharya 11 years ago. Everybody was feeling delighted and the atmosphere was charged with great cheerfulness. Acharya Mahaprajna said in his sermon that on this day duty and responsibility were handed over to him by Gurudev Tulsi. Responsibility was given by taking account of the quality.

He continued, “This is the reason of longevity of our Dharam Sangh. Our Sangh has become so big, because of having one Guru; the three programmes of Anuvrat, Preksha Meditation and Science of Living have helped to spread the name and fame of it.

The monks, nuns and Samanis are well educated, but the faith in monkhood is greater than this. The consecration of self-control is the duty of Acharya, Yuvacharya, Sadhvi Pramukha. All monks, nuns and Samanis should devote their efforts in this direction and always think of the upliftment of the Sangh’s discipline and development.

It is very important that the voltage does not increase in our life.

Dhuri, 04.02.2006

Society needs the great path of Discipline

On the third day of Maryada Mahotsav, H. H. Acharya Mahaprajna told the big gathering that no society could have longevity without discipline. The monks of the organization who have hilarity and praise can contribute to the progress of the society. Today, the whole society needs the path of discipline. Due to the lack of it, the families are disintegrated.

Showing the Maryada Letter, H. H. said, “This paper and ink have become old, but the eternal truth never becomes old. The columns of Maryada are surrender and the awakening of community feelings, which are most required values of this age. Where there is no strong relationship, there cannot be longevity. An organisation touches to the top, when it is well managed and individual desire can be shed away. When the training of discipline and Maryada does not reach to the depth of the heart, there cannot be any desirable change. That is why the training is most important.


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