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Non-violence Relative Economics And A New Social Order: Foreword

Published: 23.05.2015

In the present era of restructuring, every thing is looked at from two dimensions -sensual and trans-sensual. Man is also subject to this restructuring. He is an amphibian, living simultaneously in two worlds - the subjective or internal world and the objective or external world. The inner subject always tries to transcend the present objective state and adapt to various new possibilities open to it. The mind, body and speech act as the connecting agents. The subject intends and the body acts but the wisdom of subject sanctions the do's and bars the don'ts of actions. Hence Wisdom is the most valuable aid that can gear the life to the right path.

Non violence- a universal value

In Indian history, great seers and sages have spread the fragrance of that wisdom, which is all-pervasive in philosophy, religion and culture and all other fields of life. "Ahimsa Paramo Dharma"- Non-violence is the supreme duty. Non-violence is the unique and universal value, which is equally meaningful from religious, philosophical, ethical and practical points of view. The ideology of Non- violence is the very substratum of all principles that exist in different religions & cultures. It deepens the understanding of the oneness, the underlying unity and the inner connections of all that exist. The realization of the interconnections among all beings renews our understanding of the innate dignity of the earth and all its life systems and it changes ones vision of progress and development, as compassion and care become the intrinsic components of ones personality.

Genesis of Violence

Violence is generally believed to be a political, social & economic problem but it is more of a mental problem. The actual agent which is fueling the fire is 'mind.' The problem of violence is in society but its genesis is in the mind of an individual. Therefore the violence in the outer world is a mere reflection of what is taking place within us. As the famous proverb says "War is first fought in mind & then in the battle field." Hence human mind is the center of concern. Technologically man has made incredible advances, yet in his nature he remains primal. The conflict between nature and culture is the major problem. Thus there must be a fundamental change in the human mind. Change in society is of secondary importance and that will come naturally and inevitably when the human beings have brought about the vital change in themselves.

The problems of the Planet and a Standard solution

The definitions of nonviolence paves a way for the harmonious relationship of the inner self and the outer world. Economic abuses, conflict and violence, can be countered by shifting the focus of mind from material consumption to human development. If one understands that 'What happens to one part, one individual, one eco system, affects all others, one will become non-violent. Therefore we must attend to the whole and care for every part. The individual exists in the whole and the who'e exists in the individual. To bring peace in individual and goodwill amongst mankind, non-violence is the most requisite value. To bring peace to our communities and nations, we must first establish peace within, balancing the mental framework. Thus human being has to be made the subject of study and then the solution ought to be derived. In this connection, Alexander Pope very aptly remarks:

"Know then thyself, Presume not God to scan, The proper study of mankind is - Man"

The only solution to the problem of violence is that the instinct of violence must be replaced by the instinct of Nonviolence. Non-violence is a boon to earth as it can help us solve many problems.

Realising the need of the hour, the Jain Vishwa Bharati University is publishing this valuable book, which is a timely collection of scholarly articles contributed by several intellectuals. This is an appreciable endeavour done by the respected former chancellor of JVBU late Shri Shreechand Rampuria. I hope it would enlighten the most relevant subject with multiple dimensions. It's my honor to contribute my thoughts about non-violence in this publication. I feel pleased to see the untiring efforts of Shri Rampuriaji to compile all these scholarly articles.

I express my heartfelt wishes to the editors Dr. Bachhraj Dugar, Samani Satya Prajna and Samani Ritu Prajna for their efforts that have made the outcome of this book entitled "Nonviolence Relative Economics and A New Social Order" possible.

Dr. Samani Mangalprajna
Jain Vishva Bharati University
Ladnun-341306 (Rajasthan) India


Title: Non-violence Relative Economics And A New Social Order
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati University, Ladnun, India
Editors: Prof. B.R. Dugar, Dr. Samani Satya Prajna, Dr. Samani Ritu Prajna
Edition: First Edition, 2008

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