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Non-violence Relative Economics And A New Social Order: Blessings By Anushasta

Published: 22.05.2015

Ahimsa is necessary for all - an individual, family, society and nation. An aphorism given by Bhagavan Mahavira - ahimsa sawabhuyakhemamkari, meaning "Ahimsa promotes the good of all living beings" echoes the same truth.

Different thinkers/philosophers have tried to confine ahimsa to the restricted notion such as "to kill any creature is himsa (violence)" and "not to kill is ahimsa (non-violence)" or "to save any creature from death is non-violence". But ahimsa's domain is not as narrow as that. We will have to widen our perspective, and reflect over the fact that without taking into account the principle of non-possessiveness (aparigraha), how can we grasp the essence of ahimsa, and also without the application of the doctrine of anekanta i.e. non-absolutism (which implies peaceful co-existence even amongst the mutually opposite views) how can we put into practice the noble ideal of non-violence?

It has become indispensable to ponder over non-violence since the floods of violence have inundated every corner of the world. But one cannot resolve the conflict only through one-sided view. A non-absolutistic approach is necessary.

In the same way, without curbing the instinct of unlimited possession; we can not hope to abate the floods of violence. Hence, only by stringing all the three pearls - Ahimsa, Anekanta and Aparigraha - we can produce the beautiful necklace of non­violence. For this, what is needed is wider perspective and comprehensive practice.

Based on such wider connotations, Acharya Tulsi had initiated a new way of thinking in the direction of non-violence. By seeing that it is taking concrete shape, I am in immense ecstasy.

"Nonviolence, Relative Economics and A New Social Order" is a effort of Late Srichand Rampuria and Prof. B.R. Dugar and published by Jain Vishva Bharati University will go a long way in fulfilling the dream of peaceful world-order founded on the strong pillars of Ahimsa, Anekanta and Aparigraha. I wish to present effort all the success.

Acharya Mahaprajna


Title: Non-violence Relative Economics And A New Social Order
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati University, Ladnun, India
Editors: Prof. B.R. Dugar, Dr. Samani Satya Prajna, Dr. Samani Ritu Prajna
Edition: First Edition, 2008

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