The Miracle Is You: [01.03] The Nature of the Mind

Published: 22.07.2006
Updated: 06.08.2008

The mind can turn against anything; it has a habit to revolt against what it does not understand. It attacks and in that way it thinks it can save itself. If it does not strike, it feels it will not save itself. To save face it uses a device to strike out at what it does not grasp or cannot conquer. Sometimes when the mind does not understand the teacher or Master, it strikes out against him also. It happens to all the teachers in one way or another from time to time. So the wise man wants to conquer his mind and his senses and that is all. He says, "Those who are ready, let them understand. Those who are not ready, let them learn through suffering." Suffering becomes their master. They gain from pain.

There are some people, who are not happy unless they become unhappy. They find some reason to have a discussion and create a fight, and they spoil their evening instead of sitting in silence, having peace and seeing beauty. That is why; if you are going away for the weekend with friends and you want to have a very pleasant time, better take some time for silence. Then you will enjoy nature. Otherwise you might come home with fighting, quarreling and disputing moods.

It is very difficult to understand the nature of the mind and how it works against us. For example, it may say, "I will fight in the name of religion." The religion that comes to give peace to mankind becomes an instrument for war and cruelty. There were many crusades in the name of religion. People were butchered and massacred in the name of God.

Religion is for peace, for love, for joy, for liberation. "You may do what you want to do; let me do what I want to do". The motto of religion is: we respect others' freedom and others respect ours. Religion is not imposing something on somebody. A cult may do this, but not religion. Religion means to join back, not sever. But, we see severing and cutting in the name of religion. Separation is seen in the different divisions and denominations. This is the work of the ignorant mind.

  • The Miracle Is You by Chitrabhanu © 1980
  • Published by Devine Knowledge Society, Bombay
  • 3rd Edition 1996 Jain Meditation International Center, New York
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