The Miracle Is You: [03.03] The Teachings Of Mahavira (3) - The Law Of Karma

Published: 29.07.2006
Updated: 06.08.2008

Ignorance and lack of reverence for life invite karmas and they are the obstacles to liberation in life. That which is called Self is like a flame burning brightly. But the glass, which surrounds the flame, becomes dirty and so we do not see the brightness of the flame. The light is there but the chimney is covered with particles of dirt and soot. If we wipe out the chimney, we can again see the bright flame. In the same way, the light of the Self is bright but our mind is like the chimney covered with particles of violence, hate, greed, which are like dirt and soot.

Karmas are the particles attracted by our greed, anger, ego, violence desires, and vagaries. These particles cover the chimney of our mind, and so the flame of our consciousness appears dull. We can’t see the brilliance of the flame because of karma.

Jain philosophy teaches that every moment we are producing vibrations with our thoughts, our desires, our needs and greed. Karma means the invisible, subtle particles, which are attracted by vibrations of passion and desire. These particles are atoms that are even subtler than the smallest particle yet discovered by modern science. As we draw them to us, or attract them with our vibrations of emotions, they cover our consciousness, and then they become a code for our life.

According to the process, we are building our future life. This life is nothing but the result of our own thoughts and actions, our own desires and vagaries, awareness and unawareness. If I think ill of some person, these thoughts attract similar particles from the universe. If I think the best thoughts for someone, those kinds of particles will flow towards me. This is karma.

What you have thought has accumulated vibrational particles and they constitute a blue print for your life, your family, your nation, your personal relations, and your chosen outcome. That was yesterday. But today you have a choice and a right to create what you want for tomorrow. So tomorrow will be determined by today. Tomorrow is not fixed - you are fixing it now. If you are aware in now-ness, you know what your future will be. This philosophy does not put life in the hands of any outside agency. It is you who will decide and make what you want to make of this life. The philosophy of karmas is the philosophy of self-determination and freedom of choice.

When your vibrations go in harmony with those of another person, they pick them up. Recently an experiment proved this theory. Some scientists took a small mouse from its mother and put it into a submarine at the bottom of the ocean. Then they tortured the baby mouse, and in that moment they measured the brain waves of the mother. They showed that she felt restlessness. This demonstrates how the vibrations, even from the bottom of the ocean, reached the mother mouse. So our vibrations can hurt or help, and create karmas. This life principle educates mankind to take charge of his thoughts, words and actions to make for harmony, wholeness and order.
  • The Miracle Is You by Chitrabhanu © 1980
  • Published by Devine Knowledge Society, Bombay
  • 3rd Edition 1996 Jain Meditation International Center, New York
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