The Miracle Is You: [01.04.02] What is a Miracle? (2)

Published: 24.07.2006
Updated: 06.08.2008

In the Tattvartha Sutra there is a verse "We are all supported by one another." If one hand is weak, we have to take the help of another hand, and rubbing both hands together, both become strong, "Where I do not understand, you tell me; where you do not understand, I tell you. Let us exchange the thoughts and wisdom. Sometimes I cannot see my face and I need a mirror, so you be my mirror and sometimes I become your mirror. I can see your face and you can see my face."

That way you can have friends, you can have a partner, you can be a family member, and all your relations will help you grow. But first we have to understand the law. The law is that all these things are changing and beyond all these changes, what remains is the miracle. This is called reality. To make a person aware of this reality is the greatest miracle, to convince the mind to accept this truth that reality is going to remain for eternity. For that you have to meditate and think again and again, "I am reality, I am soul, and soul will never die. As long as I have a mission, I am going to live in this body with happiness, with peace and balance." Then you will see that the body will not be the subject of anxiety, the anxiety which breeds old age, wrinkles, tiredness, and fear. Anxiety increases your age, and fear sucks away your health. When you are in peace and in balance the blood flows smoothly and your face has a rosy look.

And that is what the enlightened would say to this lady, "You have to learn something from this event. Your grandson came to give you a key of wisdom. You were attached. He had a few years to finish with you and that is why he came in your family. He fulfilled the obligations of all his karmas. He is free now. But if you don't understand the law, then you will have to take another birth because of your attachment."

Sometimes because of our attachment, we argue without even knowing what we are fighting for. The things we fight for disappear and still we go on fighting.

One man was going through the desert with a heavy load. He hired a mule to carry the burden and the person who owned the mule came along with him. It was midsummer and soon these two were tired and perspiring. The man who hired the mule said, "Stop, let me sit in the mule's shadow and have some peace. I am tired and want to rest." The other man said, "No you cannot sit in the shade of my mule. I own it and the shadow belongs to me, not to you. I have rented you only the mule, not the shadow."

The first man then said, “The prices I paid was for both the mule and the shadow." Then they began to argue.

Soon a third person came along and said, "Why are you fighting?" They said, "About the shade." The newcomer said, "What shade?" They said, "The shade of the mule." He said, "What mule?" What are you talking about?" Then they saw that the mule had gone away when they were fighting. It was tired and it could not bear the sun and the shouting, so it wandered away. Then the first man, cried, "What about my load and luggage!" The other said, "What about my mule!" So they both had to stop arguing and search for the mule.

The same is true in life. You don't know what you are fighting for. You fight for trivial things that bring you nothing. And while you are doing that, you miss the bliss of life. You are fighting for emotions, and the reality slips away. You think you don't have time. You don't take time unless a wise man comes and tells you: "Wait, Stop and think. What are you fighting for?"

When you go deeper into the experience of yourself, then you are able to experience reality. If anything happens, let it happen, but don't divert your attention. Go on in your journey within. If something new and revealing happens, say, "Oh, good." Life itself is nothing but miracles. The real miracle is to find in one small sperm, your bones, your eyes, and your skull. Where were they? All these were found in one tiny sperm. Isn't that a miracle? YOU ARE A MIRACLE! Even science has no answer. Scientists say it happens, but why it happens they don't know. Why one atom has so many particles, protons, electrons, neutrons, and quarks. They say it has, but why? There is no answer. They know that the potentialities are there in one sperm, but how they are there we don't know. That shows that life is a miracle.

We are all miracles. This miracle is the miracle of the karmas. They are all coded in chromosomes, all concise and compressed. All the vibrations that we are acquiring in this life are concise and compressed like the bits of information in a computer. It is this code, which creates the code of the genes, the DNA and RNA molecules. The code of Karma lies beneath the molecular code and the code for formation for all the cells of the body. When you know this whole theory of Karma, the theory of vibrations, you are amazed; for you see that this is the law that explains the deepest questions of life. Then you know how to become your own master, your own creator.

To change your life style and to understand this is the real wisdom. When we understand this wisdom, life transcends all the miracles. That is why we advise you not to allow your attention to be diverted when you see colors, flashes of light or figures etc. here and there in meditation. The awareness of reality should not be lost for these things. Slowly the mind diverts you, and once you are diverted it is difficult to come back. When any name, any religion, any form comes, observe it. You do not deny anything, but you do not fight for anything either. To those who help you, say, "Thank you, you have opened the window to the Truth. You have removed the curtain. It is good that you have helped me see beauty of life." But your attention must be on the sun, the truth. The truth existed before the curtain was removed.

Now take time to meditate that "I am what I am and whatever comes to this I am; I will not fear. "When you don't have fear of old age or disease or death, you will see that these changes will not come so fast because fear expedites the process. This disease of emotions, disease of the body, disease of the cells and disease of things are always frightening mankind.

Let us meditate on this state of Immortality, so that the fog of fear dissolves and evaporates.







Walt Whitman

  • The Miracle Is You by Chitrabhanu © 1980
  • Published by Devine Knowledge Society, Bombay
  • 3rd Edition 1996 Jain Meditation International Center, New York
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