The Miracle Is You: [01.02] Who Is a Master?

Published: 21.07.2006
Updated: 06.08.2008

If we are not aware, our whole life passes without experiencing the warmth of this sun, the self. Life goes by only reciting the names and we forget that they were masters because they uncovered something, which was covered: Love, Joy and Peace. To be a master does not mean to be the master over you. A master is one who masters one's own senses and mind. When the senses are overcome by desires, they obscure the self, the light, and the mind clings to words and forms. Jargons become more important than the self, so they never catch a glimpse of that true self.

When the rays of the truth penetrate, you are not the same person. Your sorrow is over. What is called Mastership is to overcome sorrow. Sorrow is created by your mind. In reality, there is no sorrow. You create sorrow when you cling to a thing; when things don't happen as you want, you become sad. You want something and you do not get it, so you are disappointed and you make your face long and you cry. But if you say, "I am contented, I am happy with what I already have!" Then where is sorrow?

We must know the cause of our pain. We think we are going to get happiness by possessing somebody or something. But as soon as we cling, we have sown the seeds of sorrow. Only when we are empty we want something from someone else. But that person is not going to give us what we want because he or she does not have it.

Once a man was going to the market to sell ghee, which is butter that has been purified in liquid form. This man filled his pot with water and put a little warm ghee on the top. When ghee is put on water it hardens, so it appeared that the pot was completely filled with ghee. Along the way, he met a man who said, “What is in this pot of yours?" "It is ghee for sale," replied the first man. "Let me see," said the second. He looked in and saw the whole pot filled with ghee. So he said, "How would you like to make a bargain? I have two bracelets, which are made of gold. I can give you the bracelets if you give me the ghee". The first man said, "Very good," knowing the pot was full of water. But the other man had brass bracelets with only a little glitter of gold. So he thought, "This is not a bad business to have so much ghee for some bracelets of brass."

So they were both very happy. But when they reached home, they both discovered that they had played a trick on each other. Sometimes two empty people think that they have made a good bargain. They meet once or twice and think, "Oh, I have something good here," because the partner is handsome or wealthy. But when they discover the emptiness after two or three months, they say "Oh my God! Now how can I get rid of him?" Or, "What is the way out from here?" Really it is difficult for us to understand, but if we don't understand, it will become more difficult for us to remove the pain.

Masters are those souls who master their own mind. They don't want to master the people or collect followers. They know the futility of the ego. In ego you create something and then you suffer. You don't know when the mind of the disciple is going to turn crazy, and then you have to please him until you can correct the craziness. It is a headache! To be free from this headache, detachment is the answer.

  • The Miracle Is You by Chitrabhanu © 1980
  • Published by Devine Knowledge Society, Bombay
  • 3rd Edition 1996 Jain Meditation International Center, New York
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