The Miracle Is You: [02.02] Purpose Of Life (2)

Published: 26.07.2006
Updated: 06.08.2008

Now at this point there are two possibilities; you either soar or relax in a vacuum. You may find yourself soaring in the infinite where you are able to break the limitations. You go on and on and on without end; nothing binds you - you go into infinity. You have discarded all the influences of anger, greed conflict, and negative energy because these things are not able to fly with you into the infinite. Just as the eagle does not fly with its nest, but leaves the nest behind and goes by itself, so our soul, in meditation breaks all limitations of sorrow and depression and goes above them. It will be such a freeing experience that you will be able to break the ice, the wall of limitations which leads so many people to psychosomatic disorders. You will be able to accomplish in one single moment what you could not do in five years with analysts.

To experience this moment, you have to work, for you will not have it without sincere effort and right guidance. All the preparation of life is for this moment. It is only one moment, but it turns the whole life into infinity. This is called Realization, Self Fulfilment, or sometimes, God Realization. It comes, not to everyone's life, but to the life of aspirants. If you are an aspirant, this moment will come in your life and will burn out all the negative things. For example, it may take an entire week to rake dry grass from one place to another, but a fire will burn the dry grass in five minutes. In the same way, the anger, the hang-ups, which cling to us, can be burned in this beautiful, inspiring moment. So one experience in meditation is this kind of soaring.

Another experience is that of going into a state we call Niroikalp or thoughtlessness. You see nothing and you feel you are not there, then truly you are there. A painter is not able to create something unique and beautiful if he is thinking of his body and his name while he is painting. When he is in tune with his whole idea, his work, the colour, the brush, the canvas, his painting, he forgets himself. At that moment, art flows from his heart and he gives a loving touch to the painting, creating something exquisite. A little touch and a mystic smile appears on the lips of the subject. But if he was thinking that he is Leonardo DaVinci drawing this picture, he would merely paint lips. He would be unable to portray that mysterious, unique smile. Many people see this quality in the smile of Mona Lisa. Can you recreate its mystery? It is a mere painting. With a ten-dollar supply of paint, a fifteen-dollar brush, and a thirty-dollar canvas you can copy it, and many people have. What, then, makes the original so unique? In that single stroke of inspiration the artist captured through a smile that moment when the heart was in tune with the infinite. You seldom find such a smile on the lips of all the beautiful models. Yet, we can recognize that the artist unwittingly touched on something.

Similarly, if a musician tells you that, "Ah, I am a musician and I am going to play you some enchanting piece of music, then, he is not going to give you anything. He must first be like sugar when it mingles with water. It loses its existing form of sugar and becomes sweetness. This is true of the scientist also. He is in tune with the infinite and the infinite reveals its heart and gives insight. So a scientist, a painter, a singer, a spiritual person or a realized person must be able to lose himself in Niruikalp state into the infinite. For this moment, you are in ecstatic attunement and you do not need any psychological treatment. You will be the psychologist. That kind of awareness and that kind of power will be there. You will be able to cross that narrow level on which most people are living. They live in the realm of mind and words and you are going beyond the limitations of both. This is the real experience felt in the moment of meditation. But for this experience, you are completely positive; that is the primary condition. No negative thinking. Many negative teachings exist; but once you are caught in these processes, you will have lost your track. It will be extremely difficult to find your way back again, to have the same thread in hand. It is like flying a kite. Once the cord is cut, no matter how often or how high you jump, you will never be able to retrieve the kite. You have lost the thread and the kite is gone.

Many people do not realize this danger. They experiment out of curiosity and ultimately become the victims of their experimentation because of their negative approaches. Once entangled, it is difficult to free themselves. In a way, it is similar to the experience of a pupil of mine in India. He was a member of a gang in Bombay. When I advised him to leave the gang, he replied that it would be impossible without leaving India. Convinced that he would threaten their security, the gangsters would track him down relentlessly and kill him.

Even the protection of the police would not be sufficient. Nevertheless, he ultimately decided to write a letter to the leader explaining that he had found a new way of life and reassuring them that he meant no harm. For one year he lived safely outside the province before returning.

In our spiritual path, the negative thoughts are gangsters and when we try to leave them, they inevitably shadow us. So, as I have mentioned, the main thing to remember is to have right guidance, positive thinking, and the feeling of God in your presence. To fulfil true Self in life is the whole aim. Now knowing that you have innate freedom to break and erase all chronical conditions, which create sin, guilt and melancholy, you fulfil your true Self in life.

When you are the true Self in you, no negative force, not even sin will taint you. You may make a mistake you may stumble, but the light within you will lift you as gently as if you were a child. We are actually children, however wise or intelligent or mature we are. When we realize that we are children with mustache, with beard, with grey hair, then we are humble and become aware. We know that we have stumbled, because the path is uneven. There is no need to write a hundred times that we are sorry. Don't waste time on such apologies - keep going.

So friends, the first thing to do is meditate on the purpose, "to realize your immaculate self" To do this, relax, completely relax until you no longer feel the pull of gravity. You lift yourself and begin to cross all the limitations until you feel you are no where or you are no more. And when you feel that you are not thinking of yourself, you are really with yourself. As you merge with the infinite, you break the false ego, you break the gravitation of body, you break the gravitation of greed, you float and there the infinite embraces you. And when the infinite embraces you, return with that touch of the infinite and throw its light on your thoughts. You will see that your thoughts become different. Weak, uncertain, or wavering thoughts will be strengthened, clarified, and transformed by the light of the infinite touch. It is like the light on painted lines on the highway. Then you will be able to use your clear thoughts to solve your problems and fulfil the purpose.
  • The Miracle Is You by Chitrabhanu © 1980
  • Published by Devine Knowledge Society, Bombay
  • 3rd Edition 1996 Jain Meditation International Center, New York
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