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Published: 10.04.2017

Constructing healthy society: first basis

The first basis of healthy social organization is self-control. When self-control takes place then the mind-set and feelings of non-violence in human being become strong. This conviction arises that violence is not a solution of the problem. There might be strife but after all it has a limit. A human being cannot fight timelessly. During the last five thousand years, from Mahabharata till today, six to seven thousand wars have been fought. Is any such war is found in history which was fought for hundred years. If war continues so long people will starve. They may not get food to eat. Some people talk of fighting for one thousand years but it is not a matter of prudence. Other developments come to an end in getting engaged in war. In the end on being tired human being has to compromise. From this we can learn whether the real solution of the problem is violence or non-violence?

Solution is non-violence

During the time of engagement in an act there is an impulsiveness and passionate madness in human being and therefore he can do anything. At that time, he does not look to consequences but to look at the consequences has been an important principle of Indian culture. Activism appears fine at the outset. In the beginning, it looks good but in its result, it is displeasing. To a human being eating-drinking and enjoyment is felt good. It is relished by senses also and that is why when he starts eating then he eats quite a lot. He takes heavy food also and the result is that he has to go to the refuge of a doctor. This is activist philosophy. A person who cares for the consequences cannot do so. He knows that violence cannot be a solution of the problem. Bullets, destruction etc. cannot be solution of the problem. Solution can be non-violence only.

Belief in human unity

The second basis of healthy social organization is belief in human unity. There is ego in human being and therefore he gives credence to hatred. Hatred also is felt nice for a while but its consequences are not hidden from any one. Because of the feeling of hatred human race is divided into many parts. A particular class of people is small, untouchable, black etc. and therefore cannot sit with us, cannot move in one vehicle with us, cannot reside in our locality etc. these are some such egoistic tendencies from which even today human being is afflicted. South Africa is afflicted from this severe malady. Much discrimination is practiced here with Negro people. Mahatma Gandhi had to suffer a lot here because of this. Even today this problem is not completely solved.

Heterogeneous behaviour

How much has human being divided human race! If an animal would have behaved with human being like this then we would have conceded that this was a heterogeneous behaviour. But if a human being on account of external covering, because of skin, behaves like this with other human beings, with his own class, then how we can accept that human being is educated, enlightened and scientific. Had human vision been scientific he would have never thought like this. In the absence of self-discipline only all this happens. A society enlivened with self-discipline believes in peaceful co-existence. We may call it non-violent society or peaceful society or exploitation free society; it is really a healthy society. The socialists and the communists also thought of such a society only. Without a training in self-discipline, or in other words, without a training in Auvrata, such a society is never possible.

Let awareness of control awaken

It is necessary that in each and every individual the awareness of control may awaken; he may not be driven like an animal by others. If the political power continues to drive human being an enlightened society cannot be formed. Whenever there is awakening of enlightenment in society the distance between one human being and another gets obliterated and the feeling of human unity gets strong. In healthy society alone sensitivity, sympathy and compassion develop.

For a human being livelihood is necessary but the question is that of purity or impurity of livelihood. It is necessary for formation of healthy society that the livelihood is not impure or inauthentic. When a person is not authentic or genuine the source of compassion flowing in his mind gets dried up. For small greed or gain he may indulge in such inauthentic act that may be dangerous for others. The act of adulteration is inauthentic of this sort.

Source of in-authenticity

Exploitation is another source of in-authenticity. Only an inauthentic person exploits the labour of others. Furthermore, sometimes because of in-authenticity human being goes ahead to such an extent that it touches total annihilation. The trade of intoxicant drugs is of this sort only. Those who sell intoxicant drugs first they distribute drugs to people free of charge. When the people form a habit of drugs then they have to purchase them necessarily. Such people reach to such an extent that they have to gratify their habit even by selling their character and finally they meet with painful death. Really this is an example of the climax of exploitation. The trade of armaments is also of the same sort. Some people may not go to this extent yet they do take advantage of poverty and try to fill their treasury.

Development of human relations

The third principle of purity is development of human relations. Today it appears that there is too much of unsavouriness and bitterness in human relations. Everyone knows how the relations between mill owners and workers are. This situation arises only when there is no feeling of equality in mutual relations. A chasm is created between officers and workers, owners and servants. Strikes, lock outs etc. are its consequences only. If human relations are cordial such a situation does not arise.

Let cruelty be less

It is not a question of labourers and mill owners. Today teachers, workers who serve water, electricity etc. even doctors go on strike. Its reason is that the sweetness in human relations, the feeling of equality, is absent. We do not regard strike to be good but it cannot be denied that there is disparity which is the cause at the back of it.

Today cruelty has increased so much that it comes forth in thousands of ways. Because of this human being does not hesitate to kill elephants, lions, deer, hares etc. He gives injection to cows to get more milk. The calf dies writhing but the entire milk is milched by human being. Cruelty has so many forms that it is difficult to explain them. Where there is such cruelty there cannot be purity and sanctity in conduct.

Let individual be healthy

A person who has valued life he will not just earn livelihood but will associate purity and sanctity with it. With the help of Auvrata movement there is an effort to bring to the fore purity and sanctity.

Healthy individual alone can be a creator of healthy society. Health of an individual depends much on his food also. It is seen that those persons who have pure and sātvika (light, digestible and vegetarian) food their thoughts and behaviour also are sātvika. Those who take tāmasika (heavy, inertia-generating and non-vegetarian) food their thoughts are naturally cruel. Likewise, intoxication also takes a person to wrong path. The habit of taking intoxication begins with small quantity but does not get limited to big crimes but reach to suicide and cruel killings. Therefore, intoxication has become today number one problem of the world. From this point of view satvika food and intoxication-free life are main elements of social organizations.

Mindful society

A healthy society is that where superstitions and blind customs do not get respectability. Primitive human was in the grip of superstitions. When superstitions become tradition then they assume the form of blind customs. A healthy social organization is awakened social organization. There value of anything is not tradition but its merit and quality. A social organization free from dead customs alone can be healthy social organization.

In a healthy social organization human being has full freedom of thought but along with it tolerance of thoughts also has the same value. There along with one’s freedom of thought there is complete security of others thoughts and rights.

In such a social organization wealth and power get decentralized automatically. It has been said truly,

the fine tune of peace cannot ring in distinct voice So long as the pure echo of that voice does arise in every heart.

When health gets awakened in every heart then only healthy society is formed.

Title: Invitation To Health
Author: Acharya Mahaprajna
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Edition: 2013
HN4U Digital Edition: Ratna & Amit Kumar Jain

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