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Published: 02.04.2017

Criterion Of Saint

In India, the tradition of saints is quite ancient and very significant. It is more important than emperors and great rulers. Emperors existed only in the outer world and lived there only; and therefore, in their existing time their sovereignty worked; and they vanished in the depth of antiquity. The saints existed in the outer world and lived in the inner world. One who lives in the inner world attains divinity and even after death he becomes immortal.

Rule and miracle

Saint lives in inner world and therefore he comes to know the mysteries of the inner. For people of outer world, they become miracles. The story of miracles is quite long and wide. They are rules in the inner world and miracles in the outer world. One who knows the rule for him there is no such thing as miracle. There was an event thirty years back. Acharyashri Tulsi was on a tour of Bengal. After spending chaturmāsa (stay of four months of rainy season at a place as a part of religious practice) in Calcutta (Kolkata) he was returning towards Shantiniketana, on the way one Bengali couple met. They stopped the car. Both husband and wife got down. Husband was engineer. He said—'Oh! Great preceptor my wife is suffering from tuberculosis. Treatment is going on and yet she is not getting cured'. She said to her husband, 'Bring caraadhūli (soil from beneath the foot) of Acharyashri. He is a great saint. By taking the caraadhūli I shall be cured.' On her insistence, he (Acharyashri) gave his caraadhūli. The lady eats it. Then she was cured. Husband and wife saluted him with great devotion and went away.

Do not play with truth

This incident raised two questions in my mind—is it a miracle or a rule. I was in the search of rules and therefore miracles did not influence me. Faith is a powerful means of change. By it in the body of human being many chemicals of the chain of endorphin arise; they lessen the pain, eliminate diseases, and enhance mental happiness. To be influenced is also a rule. From the cluster of minutest particles (paramāṇupūñja) emanating from the body of an individual earth, water, and atmosphere all these are affected.

The aura of an ascetic becomes very powerful, blemish-less and pure. The glamorous rays refracted from it make the surroundings pure and blemish-less. The penance of Acharyashri is severe and intense. In him is seen the sahajasiddha yoga (naturally acquired yoga). His aura is ornamented with a circuit of luster. It is not a wonder that the earth on which his feet stand that earth also becomes affected by the power of his penance. If that event is explained on the basis of faith, then also it is a rule. If it is explained through Bhāvanā yoga (a variety of yoga) even, then it is a rule.

In the realm of rules there is no place for miracles. One who knows for him rule is a rule. One who does not know for him rule is a miracle. We have some such saints, ascetics and recluses who are aspiring to present themselves as God by displaying miracles. In my view, they are playing with truth. Truth goes by rules, and not by miracles. A saint living in the inner world will never give the form of miracle to rule. Salutation from a distance to those saints who turn rule into miracle!

Miracle turned into fury

The founder of Terapantha Acharya Bhikshu led the life of a saint even in household life. His vairāgyasādhanā(austere practices as a detached saint) was wonderful; his inner vision was awakened. He was fully devoted to truth or rule. He did not get entangled in the tangle of miracle. His village was Kantalia (Dist. Pali). There theft took place in some one’s house. Efforts began to find out the thief in a nearby village named Boranadi there lived a potter. He was blind. People believed that god speaks through his mouth. He was called to know about the thief. The potter was aware of the insightful understanding of Acharya Bikshu. He came to him and indulged in informal talks. During the course of talks he said, 'yesterday night there was theft in the village, you might be knowing of it. On whom do you have doubt? Acharya Bhikshu wanted to put an end to his fraudulent cunningness. So, he said that his doubt is on Majne.

It was night time. At the house where theft took place there was a gathering of large number of people. Everyone had the curiosity of disclosure of mystery. There was impetuosity of god in the body of the potter. In an impulsive mood, he said, 'Give up, give up, Give up the ornaments'. People told him, 'Like this who will give up? You please disclose the name of the thief.' The potter said in impulsive posture, 'Majne is the thief. He alone has stolen the ornaments.' One faquir (Muslim saint) was sitting close by. He said, 'Majne is a name of my goat. How will it steal ornaments?' Miracle turned into fury of people.

Criterion is spirituality

The criterion of saint is spirituality. To be situated in self is the definition of saint. India has been a glorious grand abode of such saints who fulfilled this criterion. Saints practicing miracles also went along this tradition. In olden times, along with miracles spirituality (for name's sake) also moved. Today's age is that of science. Scientists have discovered many rules, and therefore if the pure tradition of spirituality may remain associated with saints, in this there is graciousness of spirituality and benefit of masses of people. The task of a saint is one's own wellbeing and wellbeing of the entire world. That is possible by sādhanā (sincere practice) of truth.

Title: Invitation To Health
Author: Acharya Mahaprajna
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Edition: 2013
HN4U Digital Edition: Ratna & Amit Kumar Jain

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