Invitation To Health: 05 ►Scientific Research Is Becoming Problematic

Published: 15.03.2017

Non-foresightedness of scientific world

The world of mystery is very vast. Its discovery was undertaken in the past and it is being done at present as well. In the past, the sphere of discovery was limited. In modern times, it has become very vast. In the past, the knowledge of mystery and its discovery was tagged with competence. In modern times, there is no differentiation of competent and incompetent. The criterion of competent was—one who can assimilate knowledge of mystery, does not use it for the harm of human kind, has the discriminative ratiocination to use it for benefit, and does not make it a business, remains responsive of its consequence. In modern times, all these criteria of competent person are not accepted. Several scientific researches have now become commercial. Arm manufacturing is a very big business in the international field. Newer and newer techniques are being developed for arm-manufacturing. They are used for commercial purposes. There is a competition among the scientists. Who manufactures how much dangerous weapon? There is competition for amenities as well. Something is manufactured and it gets spread. After some time, warning for its evil consequences, comes forth. For electricity, atomic reactors were established. There was much of its appreciation. There was competition among many nations to established atomic reactors. Now the line of thinking is changing. Their establishment is being regarded as dangerous. Reconsideration of their establishment is talked about. Is it not a lack of foresightedness of the scientific world?

Human being is not for an instrument

America, Australia, West Germany (now Germany), Sweden, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, China etc. have postponed their program of establishing atomic reactors. Atomic dust and atomic radiation have become a tragedy for human being. Earlier also there was knowledge of atom but human being did not think of its use. Its harmful consequences were apparent. In modern times, first atomic reactors were spread. Now their harmful consequences are seen and disinterest in them is exhibited. After the tragic incident of Chernobyl mode of thinking has changed. The impact of atomic reactors reaches thousands of miles away. The land affected by it does remain good for development. Human being becomes victim of many diseases. It is said that by the emission of radiation at Chernobyl half a million people will be victim of cancer. Whatever else will occur, its account is yet to be taken.

Instruments are for human being and human being is not for instruments. Those instruments which are being used for destruction of human race, there is no disenchantment from its production. Is it a matter of less surprise? Thoughtless and unintelligent development of material goods is filled with danger. Some dangers are small and some are big. Some dangers are immediate and some develop slowly. These dangers are developing along with scientific discoveries.

Valuable reflection

Today's society is sense-dominated. It has intense desire to gratify the senses. The scientists associated with business are taking the advantage of this social weakness. A social being will be averse to sense gratification, this is unthinkable. The limits of sense gratification can be thought of. In Indian religions, the thinking of vratas (austere observances) has been very valuable. Through that there was a check on sense ratification. The science-oriented society has almost become averse to vratas. In the absence of vrata-generated control hedonism and consumerism have got opportunity to spread.

Today's human being wants to gratify the senses more and more and therefore markets have become very big. The goods stores are filled with innumerable items. There is a net of shops. There are many such industries running in which things produced are not necessarily needed. They are merely deluding our senses.

Who will provide solution?

According to the scientific world the store of underground fuel—oil, coal, gas, etc. will be exhausted in one hundred years. The dying of the sources of energy has created a crisis. Alternative means of energy are being discovered. The establishment of consumerist society is based on energy. In the absence of energy its base gets demolished. Time and again the same question comes to the fore. Are so many material goods and instruments needed for human being? In fact, they are not—their necessity has been created by increasing the brazenness of senses. This artificial need has increased poverty, has helped economic disparity, and as a consequence violence and killing has received new dimension.

I know that one, who lives in the age of science cannot run away from science, cannot turn face against scientific achievements, but can he not draw a line of demarcation between need and allurement? Today's scientist cannot desist from his discoveries. But can he not set aside himself from those discoveries which are responsible for crimes, killings and manifold diseases. Research itself is proving to be a problem. Can the business man entangled in economic development and science entangled in business provide its solution?

Title: Invitation To Health
Author: Acharya Mahaprajna
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Edition: 2013
HN4U Digital Edition: Ratna & Amit Kumar Jain

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