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Published: 12.03.2017

Congratulations Gorbachev

The thread of the fate of humanity is being held in the hands of politics. This is more dangerous event than atom bomb. People seated on the chair of power cannot think of the wellbeing of human society. Their eyesight is always on keeping their sovereignty intact and on expanding it. In the name of imaginary fear and security they produce destructive weapons. This is the greatest joke with humanity. In December 1988 in a speech in the United Nations Assembly the then president of Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev made a notable statement. He said—"under the auspices of United Nations Organization a great assembly of people's associations should be organized so that the alternate voice of the world can be heard and it may influence the future of the world." Today it has become very essential to search for new alternative and to listen to its voice. The humanity has become bored in hearing the voice of the ruling class. Now it is waiting to hear new voice but the power-mongers have made themselves so much powerful that they do not want to value the voice of larger society. About hundred people of the world are engaged in arbitrariness and are throwing the entire human society in the hearth of problem. If the power of the public organizations can have control over the authority of power-wielding persons, the problem can be solved.

Walls have no value

The world we live in has no wall in between. The China Wall is very old. There is a wall between East and West Germany but in this transitory world these walls have no value. The wall builder is not a great person. Great person is one who breaks down these walls. In this age of aero plane the meaning of these walls is diminished. Old forts and castles have become meaningless. Human has constructed new walls, new forts and new castles. Such big walls of social thought, economic organization, political systems and communal bigotry have come up that it has become difficult to cross them over even through airways. Is the human of today willing to give up the insistence on these? If it is so then these walls will crumble down automatically. If no one is willing to give them up then the solutions of the problems is impossible.

Question is that of sensitivity

"Others should think only as I think. Others should act only as I act". This obstinate habit has tried to destroy the beauty of variegated-ness. To impose one’s own ways on others always gives rise to violence. The need of today is to search for unity in multiplicity. There is nothing in this world which can be segregated from the rest. And this also is not possible that all the five fingers are made similar. The form and shape of all the five fingers are not the same and yet they cooperate mutually. The question is that of mutual cooperation, of sensitivity.

"One life lives on another life" this outlook has sapped the essence of sensitivity. Bigger fish swallows the smaller one; this law of jungle (matsya nyāyd) has prompted aggressive instinct. "Might is right" (Jisaki lāthi usaki bhensa), credence to this belief has covered up the truth. The problem gets complicated when wise people own up the principles of nature followed by lower animals that live the life of unawareness and lack of development.

Combination of animal instinct and intelligence

Human being has arisen very high compared to animals due to intelligence and discriminative consciousness; even then in him the animal brain (mind) is present. Brain scientists say that in the human brain one layer is that of animal brain. Primitive instincts function on that basis only. That primitive brain is functioning underlying violence, excitement, aggressive mentality, impulsiveness, revengefulness, and conflicts. Human being has acquired one characteristic. Animal has beastly instinct but does not have intelligence and therefore the use of its beastly instinct is limited. Human being has both beastly instinct and intelligence and therefore he is using the beastly instinct along with sharp edge of intelligence. This use has become limitless. The development from Stone Age to atomic age is due to that. Human is intelligent and therefore does not want to retract from this development. The danger of beastly instinct is limited but with combination of intelligence the danger becomes limitless. Today's world is facing that very danger. The solution of this danger can not be done at the intellectual level. The only means of its solution is development of spiritual consciousness.

Voice of spirituality

Till yesterday the voice coming from the camp of communism was that of mere materialism. The voice of Gorbachev which is now coming is that of spirituality. The voice of "anekānta" (multifaceted-ness) is, "We shall not give up our belief-system and will not insist on others to give up their belief systems." This is not the voice of mere intellectuality. At the back of it there is faith and conviction in freedom and inspiration for human values.

Let international relations be based on human values and they be liberated from ideologies. Till yesterday it was talked to put people with differing political and religious views behind bars. Today they are being given free space. The basic difference between yesterday and today can be understood only in terms of spiritual consciousness. Intellect will not accept that those who have different views be given free space. A powerful leader of a powerful nation speaks the language of ahimsā (non-violence), anekānta (multifaceted-ness of reality) and spirituality, and talks of establishing a non-violent world, and invokes to transform the economic system of armaments to that of disarmament. Is it a matter of less surprise? Is it not the greatest wonder of the world?

Title: Invitation To Health
Author: Acharya Mahaprajna
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Edition: 2013
HN4U Digital Edition: Ratna & Amit Kumar Jain

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