Invitation To Health: Editorial

Published: 10.03.2017

How wondrous is this caption?

Who does not invite health?

What does a human not do for health?

 I read one day-

A person for twenty-three years regularly takes seventy-five pills every day only for health, for remaining healthy.

He has already consumed six lakhs pills, and—

by getting his name entered in Ginny's World Book he is making a world record of taking medicine.

This is a display of anxiety for health.

Is the question only that of body?

And not of reflection, thought and mind?

Is body important or mind?

The problem of individual is ailment of body.

The problem of society is ailment of reflection and mind

Are our mind-sets, our reflections, healthy or sick?

By how many influences our reflection/mind is enveloped Revenge and hatred false obstinacy and prejudices

orthodox beliefs/false mentality

violence, crime and misery

and many other unknown emotional outbursts.

Where are healthy emotions, introspections?

Our reflections are caught and vitiated by these vices and our mind has become weak, sick and distorted.

In the darkness of problem there is some hope, a positive outlook, an illuminating flame of mental strength emanating from deep insights of Mahaprajna a diagnosis of health

which will stimulate new inquisitiveness.

The muddle of reflection and mind will get a natural resolution.

There will be a new movement which will make individual great.

The Sahajayoga of Munishri Dulahraj having received intimate reinforcement this recent work of Mahaprajna is being submitted for presenting a new horizon of health.

Muni Dhananjaya Kumar

Title: Invitation To Health
Author: Acharya Mahaprajna
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Edition: 2013
HN4U Digital Edition: Ratna & Amit Kumar Jain

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