Jainism [Caillat-Upadhye-Patil]: About the Book

Published: 14.02.2011
Updated: 02.07.2015

This book is an authentic introduction to Jainism and a welcome contribution to the Jaina literature.

The first essay, an English translation of Colette Caillat’s French work Le Jinisme by Bal Patil, gives a compact history of Jainism in relation to the ruling dynasties of the time. The Jain doctrine has been summarized by the author in modern terms giving Jain technical terms in brackets.

The second essay briefly describes the salient features of Jainism. It gives an account of Mahavira and his teachings; Jain art and architecture: the role of Jain religion and philosophy; Jain ethics; and Jain influence on Indian life.

The third essay is a befitting complement to the first two essays. This brings together certain concepts on the fundamental principles of Ahimsa in Jainism and its unique genesis in the Indian philosophical systems dovetailed with other transcendental principles like Karma and rebirth.

Mme. Colette Caillat studied classical philosophy at the Sorbonne. She also undertook Indological, Iranian and linguistic studies and studied under renowned Orientalists. She then taught Sanskrit ad Comparative Linguistics at the University of Lyon. In 1966 she was elected to the Chair of the Department of Indian and South East Asian Studies at the University of Paris III. In 1963 she was invited to India by the Indian Government and she visited several Jain centres of learning. One of the collaborators of the Critical Pali Dictionary she also has to her credit many papers of Prakrit, Jainism and related topics.

Dr. A.N. Upadhye was born and educated in Maharashtra. For both B.A. and M.A. his subjects were Sanskrit and Prakrit. Appointed, lecturer in Ardhamagadhi (Prakrit) at Rajaram College, Kolhapur, he served there for 32 years till he retired as a Professor in 1962. He then served as the Dean, Faculty of Arts, at the Shivaji University, Kolhapur, till 1972. He is currently Professor of Jainology and Prakrit, University of Mysore, Mysore. Dr. Upadhye has to his credit more than 100 research papers dealing with Prakrit and Sanskrit studies, Jainism, Indian Culture, etc.

Bal Patil graduated with honours in English literature and German from Fergusson College, Poona and also passed Certificate Course in French from Poona University. He is currently a free-lance journalist and writes on a wide range of topics. A man of wide interests, he continues to involve and educate himself in many diverse fields.


Edition: 1974 © Bal Patil Cover Design: Aravind Teki

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  1. A.N. Upadhye
  2. Ahimsa
  3. Ardhamagadhi
  4. Bal Patil
  5. Colette Caillat
  6. JAINA
  7. Jain Art
  8. Jaina
  9. Jainism
  10. Karma
  11. Kolhapur
  12. Maharashtra
  13. Mahavira
  14. Mahavira and His Teachings
  15. Mysore
  16. Pali
  17. Poona
  18. Prakrit
  19. Sanskrit
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