Ahimsa Yatra : Jagrano

Published: 09.03.2006
Updated: 02.07.2015

Jagrano, 09.03.2006

Jagrano is one of Punjab's biggest grain markets. H.H. Acharyashree arrived there with Ahimsa Yatra participants to stay for one week. During this period, the Holi Festival, the Festival of Colours, took place. After passing through the streets of the town, the great Ahimsa Yatra procession reached Ahimsa Samosaran. There was a big gathering, including also important persons. The ladies and girls of Terapanthis Women's Wing presented the welcome song. Many dignitaries also welcomed H.H. arrival in the town and presented the welcome letter to him.

H. H. Acharyashree said in his sermon that every one has got qualification, “The touchstone of qualification is kindness and sensitiveness. A qualified person is one who does not give pain to anybody. The main external reasons of pain are unemployment and hunger. It is a cruel situation that wealthy persons spend a lot of money for superficial things, while there are people without food and clothes to cover the body. This creates reactions in the mind of the poor, which result in violence. If wealthy people stop to indulge in pomp and show and instead invest the money for the betterment of the poor people's situation, this reactionary violence can be stopped.

Jagrano, 10.03.2006

His Holiness in his sermon to the gathering said that persons should change and circumstances should be changed for better health of the society, “Change cannot done by force, determination of the persons only succeeds in changing situations. Determination is strong only in those who have the power to renounce and discard the wrong things. The main aphorism of Anuvrat is "Self- restraint is Life". There should be self-restraint while eating, talking, and in other walks of life. The habit of self-restraint should become strong in a person.

Jagrano, 11.03.2006

H.H. Acharyashree expressed in his sermon, “Man has got two powers, the power of speaking and of thinking. These two powers fulfil the life with completeness. There are two words, Kshar and Akshar. Kshar means impermanent, and Akshar means permanent. A human being is Kshar, the flow is Akshar.

We should try that non-violence should become flow. How this can happen? For that it is important that we develop the consciousness of self-restraint. The family and the society, which do not have self-restraint, will vanish and be destroyed. If there is self-restraint, life will be healthy. Happiness and bliss will flourish in such a life.

Jagrano, 12.03.2006

On the concluding day of a three days Anuvrat workshop, H.H. Acharyashree in his sermon told the gathering that endeavour is the most trusted formula for success. “All activities depend upon endeavour. When endeavour is there, the work has a chance to be fulfilled. Without endeavour, the work cannot be done properly and does not progress. Man has got the power of endeavour. When he has got two hands and a powerful brain, why the things are not being done?

Anuvrat is religion and the work of Anuvrat has progressed. That religion is best which is practiced in our daily life. That religion is living which is established in life. The practice of religion must be reflected in daily life. When religion is practiced likewise, there is no increase of anger and greed. This does have a positive effect in life. Every religious person should observe if there is any change in lifestyle or not. Anuvrat is the religion of morality. One who is pure at heart, has morality, he is religious. It does not matter if he visits the temple or performs any rituals.

Dowry is an even greater problem than abortion. Ladies are more responsible for abortion, so it is necessary to start a movement to awaken them.”

Jagrano, 13.03.2006

Today is the 14th day of the moon. On this day, all Munijis and Sadhvijis will attend H.H.'s sermon. In it, the rules and regulations governing monkhood are read with the affirmation given by one and all. This is also the day of Holi festival.

H.H. Acharyashree said, “When Holi Festival is celebrated, colour is used. When the colour of the soul is good, other colours give bliss. When the spiritual colour is not good, other colours do not bring bliss, but sadness. The best colour of the soul is discipline. This is the colour keeping persons happy. One cannot feel eternal bliss when there is lack of discipline and self-control. The colours of discipline and self-control can fill the life with happiness.”

Jagrano, 14.03.2006 - Celebration Of Spiritual Holi

H.H. Acharyashree said in his sermon, “Due to the Holi Festival, people are filled with happiness, joy, and full of action. When we look at a human being in a gross manner, we find him made of bones and flesh. When we look at him subtler, we find him made of colours. In ancient times, man was identified with colours. Nowadays, in this scientific age, he is identified with aura. The man becomes great whose aura is specially good and beautiful.”

H.H. Acharyashree inspired the people at this occasion of Holi, to celebrate the festival with spiritual colours. He guided them in the practice of Leshya Dhyan and Mangal Bhavana. People experienced the spiritual aspect of Holi by meditating on five steps of Leshya Dhyan. H.H. encouraged the audience to practice Leshya Dhyan in their daily life.

For development of spirituality and beautiful aura, the following five steps can be practiced:

  • Perception of the body from the toes up to the knees with visualisation of yellow colour. This will help to develop good health.
  • Perception of the body from the knees up to the waistline with visualisation of white colour. This will help to make the mind peaceful.
  • Perception of the body from the waistline up to the navel with visualisation of orange colour of the rising sun. This will improve the bio-energy.
  • Perception of the body from the navel to the eyebrows with visualisation of green colour. This will improve the vital energy.
  • Perception of the body from the eyebrows to the top of the head with visualisation of blue colour. This will help to improve habits charged with bliss and happiness.

People meditated with great attention. Outside, it was raining, and people were enjoying the colours inside. H.H. remarked, “The body is purified when it is washed with rain. By Colour Meditation we purify body, mind and emotions.”

The whole gathering was in deep meditation; the scene was filled with bliss. The audience liked very much this very spiritual celebration of Holi. Many people commented that celebration of spiritual Holi is needed in this time.

Jagrano, 15.03.2006

This last day of the one-week stay at Jagrano, H.H. Acharyashree in his sermon said, “Yesterday it was drizzling and raining, and the sky was covered with clouds. Today we have bright sun. In this changing world, there is nothing permanent and unchangeable. It is very difficult to have continuity outside, and it is more difficult to have permanence inside. Circumstances cannot bring about any change in persons with oneness inside and outside. Circumstances fail to influence persons, living in full awareness of their consciousness in the contemporary world. This is the key to happy life.

Man is wandering more in the world outside, than living inside. Those who live more in the outer than in the inner world are surrounded by misconceptions and beyond truth. Religion helps to be free from misconceptions and enables to live with truth."


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