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Published: 06.05.2005
Updated: 21.04.2016
Bhaavana, Bhavanas, Bhavanā, Bhavna, Bhavnas, Bhāvanā, Bhāvanās

Aspiration, reflections

contemplative meditation (Anupreksha)
implies total identification with and concentration on the thing one aspires to.

Japa, bhavana, dharana and contemplation all belong to one category (concentration of thought). There is no difference in meaning; only difference in nomenclature.

The practice of four bhavanas is necessary for the development of meditational capacity.

  1. Knowledge-oriented bhavana:
    The practice of knowing things objectively and impartially without attachment, aversion and delusion.
  2. Perception-oriented bhavana:
    The practice of seeing things objectively and impartially without attachment, aversion and delsion.
  3. Conduct-oriented bhavana:
    The practice of acting objectively and impartially without attachment, aversion and delusion.
  4. Detachment-oriented bhavana:
    The practice of non-attachment, non-aspiration and fearlessness
  • 12 Bhavanas


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  1. 12 Bhavanas
  2. Concentration
  3. Contemplation
  4. Dharana
  5. Fearlessness
  6. Japa
  7. Meditation
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