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Jain Legend : Jain Dharma ka Maulika Itihasa (4): Aṃcalagacchīyā Paṭṭāvalī

Published: 08.09.2016

In the Paṭṭāvalīs of all gacchas, except for Upakeśa gaccha, like the Kharatara gaccha, Tapā gaccha, Aṃcala gaccha etc, the number and names of Pontiffs, from Sudharmā Swāmī, the first pontiff of Lord Mahāvīra to 34th Paṭṭadhara, are almost same, with very infinitesimal rather insignificant difference here and there.

The succeeding Paṭṭāvalī of Aṃcalagaccha starting from the 35th pontiff onwards is as follows:

35th Udyotana Sūri - He was the founder of the Baḍagaccha.
36th Sarvadeva Sūri
37th Padmadeva Sūri
38th Udayaprabha Sūri
39th Prabhānanda Sūri
40th Dharmacandra Sūri
41st Vijayacandra Sūri
42nd Guṇasāgara Sūri
43rd Vijayaprabha Sūri
44th Naracandra Sūri
45th Vīracandra Sūri
46th Jaya Siṃha Sūri
47th Ārya Rakṣita Sūri (Vijayacandra Sūri): According to all Paṭṭāvalīs of Aṃcalagaccha, he was the founder of Reformed Sect which later was renowned as 'Aṃcalagaccha'
48th Jaya Siṃha Sūri: During his tenure as pontiff, the number of monks and nuns increased remarkably: 2120 monks, 1130 nuns, 12 Ācāryas, 20 Vācanācāryas Upādhyāyas, 173 paṇḍitas, 1 Mahattarā and 82 Pravartinīs.
49th Dharmaghoṣa Sūri
50th Mahendra Sūri: He authored Tīrthamālā, Śatapadī Vivaraṇa and Guruguṇa ṣaītriṃśikā.
51st Siṃhaprabha Sūri
52nd Ajita Siṃha Sūri: He was raised to ācārya post in Vikram 1316 and left   for heavenly abode in 1339.
53rd Devendra Sūri
54th Dharmaprabha Sūri
55th Siṃhatilaka Sūri
56th Mahendraprabha Sūri
57th Merutuṃga Sūri: He was credited with the authoring of many books like 'Vicāra Śreṇi' etc. He ordained into monkhood in Vikram 1418, adorned with Sūri rank in Vikram 1426 and passed away in Vikram 1473.
58th Jayakīrti Sūri: He wrote many texts like Uttarādhyayana Ṭīkā, kṣetra Samāsa Ṭīkā, SaṃgrahaṇīṬīkā etc. ̣
59th Jayakesarī Sūri
60th Siddhānta sāgara Sūri
61st Bhāvasāgara Sūri became ācārya in Vikram 1560. His treatise 'Śrī Vīravaṃśa Vidhipakṣa Paṭṭāvalī' with its 231 tales is considered as a significant work from historical point of view.
62nd Guṇanidhāna Sūri
63rd Dharmabhūti Sūri
64th Kalyāṇa sāgara Sūri
65th Amara sāgara Sūri
66th Vidyā sāgara Sūri
67th Udaya sāgara Sūri: On his command, Paṭṭāvalī of Aṃcalagaccha was written in a detailed and precise manner.
68th Kīrti sāgara Sūri
69th Puṇya sāgara Sūri
70th Rājendrasāgara Sūri
71st Mukti sāgara Sūri
72nd Ratna sāgara Sūri
73rd Viveka sāgara Sūri: He held ācārya post from Vikram year 1928 to 1948.
74th Jinendra sāgara Sūri


Title: Jain Legend: Jain Dharma ka Maulika Itihasa (4)
Acharya Hasti Mala
Shugan C. Jain
Publisher: Samyakjnana Pracaraka Mandala, Jaipur
Edition: 2011
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