Kharatara Gaccha

Published: 06.07.2011
Updated: 06.01.2015
Khartar Gacch, Khartar Gaccha, Khartar Gach, Khartar Gachchh, Vidhisangha

Kharatara Gaccha is the second most important of the Shvetambara gacchas.

One of the alternative names of the Kharatara Gaccha is the Vidhisangha, the Assembly based on Scriptural Injunction. The Kharatara approach to the ascetic life is through referral to the literal words of sacred texts. The Kharataras live outside the temples and the temple-dwelling monks are to them heretics who are ignorant of or misuse the sacred texts.

  • Dada Guru
    In Kharatara Gaccha tradition every 4th acharya is called "Jin Chandra Suri"

  • Dada Bari


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