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Jain Legend : Jain Dharma ka Maulika Itihasa (4): Books on Instructions and Code of Conduct

Published: 22.08.2016
1 Sandeha dohavālī Prākṛta Prose 150
2 Caccarī Apabhraṃśa Prose 47
3 Utsūtra Padopaghāṭana kulaka Prākṛta Prose 30
4 Caityavandana kulaka Prākṛta Prose 28
5 Upadeśa dharma rasāyana Prose 80
6 Upadeśa kulaka Prākṛta Prose 34
7 Kāla swarūpa kulaka Prose 32
8 Gaṇadhara Sārddha Śataka Prākṛta Prose 150
9 Gaṇadhara saptatikā Prākṛta Prose 26
10 Sarvādhiṣṭhāyī stotra Prākṛta Prose 26
11 Guru pāratantrya stotra Prākṛta Prose 21
12 Vighna vināṣī stotra Prākṛta Prose 14
13 Śrutastava Prākṛta Prose 27
14 Ajita Śānti Stotra Prākṛta Prose 15
15 Pārśvanātha mantragarbhita stotra Prākṛta Prose 37
16 Mahā Prabhāvaka stotra Prākṛta Prose 3
17 Cakreśwarī stotra Sanskrit Verse 10
18 Sarvajina stuti Sanskrit Verse 4
19 Vīra stuti Sanskrit Verse 4
20 Yoginī stotra Sanskrit Verse
21 Avasthā kulaka
22 Viṃśikā
23 Pada vyavasthā
24 Śāntiparva vidhi
25 Vāḍ ī kulaka
26 Ārātrika vṛttāni
27 Adhyātma gītāni

Writings of Jinadatta Sūri created a renaissance in the Jaina Society. As a result, the river of fame and popularity flowing towards Temple dweller tradition for centuries together abruptly changed its course and flowed towards Suvihita tradition.

The life of Jinadatta Sūri, the great mystic legendary man, champion of the cause of Kharataragaccha, was full of supernatural events. Even before the ceremony of piercing the ears (before 2 to 3 years of age) i.e. at a very tender age itself, he took five vows initiation (nonviolence, truth, non-stealing, celibacy and non-possession). He spent his entire life towards the accomplishment of his lofty ideal and goal "I will make everyone in the world a devout follower of Jain order and relish the nectar of Jain doctrine". Sublime ideals of this type, renunciation, meditation, self-restraint and celibacy blessed him with amazing powers like 'Icchā- śakti', the power to attain whatever one desires and 'Ātmaśakti' (immeasurable potential power of transcending) and people misconstrued them as mystic powers. Even the most prominent ācāryas of Temple dweller tradition who kindled hostility against Suvihita tradition, went to Jinadatta Sūri, along with their disciples saying, "We found our guru and also found Jinadatta Sūri with whom we are attached from births together". They became his disciples. This is not the magic of a mantra instead this is the magic charm of his noble conviction that 'Sabhī Jīva Karuṃ Jinaśāsana Rasī' (I will make all the beings drink the nectar of Jina order). His meritorious deeds made him immortal.


Title: Jain Legend: Jain Dharma ka Maulika Itihasa (4)
Acharya Hasti Mala
Shugan C. Jain
Publisher: Samyakjnana Pracaraka Mandala, Jaipur
Edition: 2011
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  1. Adhyātma
  2. Ajita
  3. Apabhraṃśa
  4. Avasthā
  5. Celibacy
  6. Dharma
  7. Gaṇadhara
  8. Guru
  9. JAINA
  10. Jaina
  11. Jina
  12. Jinadatta Sūri
  13. Jinaśāsana
  14. Jīva
  15. Kāla
  16. Mantra
  17. Meditation
  18. Nonviolence
  19. Pārśvanātha
  20. Sanskrit
  21. Stuti
  22. Vīra
  23. ācāryas
  24. Śataka
  25. Śānti
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