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Published: 04.06.2018

Purpose of Education

Education is a way of progressing and improving life. If education is not serving this purpose, then it straight away means that something else is being served in the name of education. In other words, we can say that the method of teaching is not appropriate. Unfortunately a situation like this is prevailing in India. Instead of being the tool of progressing and improving lives, education has become a source of earning money. Instead of using knowledge for the purpose of life and moral development, people have not only bargained with themselves but have also despoiled and devalued the worth of education.

According to ancient scriptures, the education that provides salvation is only meaningful. Salvation from what? One is liberated from restrictions but those are not ordinary restrictions.

From eternity, an ultimate progress is attained when the soul becomes free from endless and timeless boundaries and attains purity and becomes one with God. In that case the education becomes an achievement and accomplishment.

We Keep Moving

The aim of education is to free the soul from all limitations and attain sanctity, but the attainment of liberation and purity of that fact is not ordinary. To reach this destination a human has a very long way to go and for that even one birth is not enough and it continues in many births. But one should not get disheartened by this.

Although one cannot be completely boundless in one birth but a certain level of boundlessness can be achieved. The absolute purity of soul may not be attained but it can be achieved to some extent. The extent to which a man becomes limitless, to that extent the purity acclimates and his destination gets decided. A distance of 10 miles covered for a 1000 miles long journey would also reduce the distance. Therefore one should not get discouraged with the idea of eternal journey to reach one's destination. One should make the best efforts to use the education as a tool to attain sanctity and freedom from bondage. Thus, the goal will be achieved one day.

Foundation of Behaviour

One thing is very important in the context education. Often people believe that progress of mind is education and they pay no attention towards the conduct and behaviour. But thinking deeply the respectability of values is most important. It serves the basic purpose of education. In this reference a student is taught: "Attain true knowledge in the temple of education while progressing on the beautiful path of moral conduct and enlighten every soul on the way." The knowledge without morals and conduct is incomplete even after having read endless scriptures. This does not mean that bookish knowledge serves no purpose. Its purpose is served only if it moulds a person's behaviour and conduct. In other words education should complement the charm of values. Knowledge becomes fruitful when it combines with the art of living.

The right path to become a man of conduct is to adopt in one's behaviour, the lesson and conducts learned in life. If students have the clarity of their aim, knowledge will not be a burden for them rather it will become a jewel for them.

In this way they will progress in life and will serve their nation and society remarkably. It's a well known truth that only a well moulded student can help in the progress of his nation. It's the responsibility of parents and teachers to be aware of their duty of moulding the lives of future generations by instilling the seeds of moral values in them. Their awareness in this direction will lay a foundation of a healthy society.

Title: Education for Bliss & Development
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: Amit Kumar Jain

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