Patanjali Yoga Sutras: Sutra 30-33

Published: 04.12.2015

30. तदा सवावयिभराऩयतस्ये ानस्याऽनन्त्याज्ज्ञमभे अल्पभ् ॥३०॥्

tadā sarva-āvaraṇa-malāpetasya jñānasya-ānantyāt jñeyamalpam ||31||

Then knowledge, bereft of covering and impurities, becoming infinite, the knowable becomes small.

Knowledge itself is there; its covering is gone. One of the Buddhistic scriptures sums up what is meant by the Buddha (which is the name of a state). It defines it as infinite knowledge, infinite as the sky. Jesus attained to that state and became the Christ. All of you will attain to that state, and knowledge becoming infinite, the knowable becomes small. This whole universe, with all its knowable, becomes as nothing before the Purusa. the ordinary man thinks himself very small, because to him the knowable seems to be so infinite.

31. तत् कृताथानांयऩणयिाभिभऩणयसभाणप्तगिानाभयु ॥३१॥्

tataḥ kṛtārthānaṁ pariṇāma-krama-samāptir-guṇānām ||32||

Then are finished the successive transformations of the qualities, they having attained the end.

Then all these various transformations of the qualities, which change from species to species, cease forever.

32. िप्रणतमोगी ऩणयिाभाऩयान्तणनर्ग्ाह्य्य िभ् ॥३२॥

kṣaṇa-pratiyogī pariṇāma-aparānta nirgrāhyaḥ kramaḥ ||32||

The changes that exist in relation to moments, and which are perceived at the other end (at the end of a series) are succession.

Patanjali here defines the word succession, the changes that exist in relation to moments. While I am thinking, many moments pass, and with each moment there is a change of idea, but we only perceive these changes at the end of a series. So, perception of time is always in the memory. This is called succession, but for the mind that has realised omnipresence all these have finished. Everything has become present for it; the present alone exists, the past and future are lost. This stands controlled, and all knowledge is there in one second. Everything is known like a flash.

33. ऩुषाथशयन्यानांूगिानांुप्रणतप्रसव् कैवल्यं, स्वूऩप्रणतष्ठा वा णचणतशणियणते ॥३३॥

puruṣa-artha-śūnyānāṁ guṇānāṁ-pratiprasavaḥ kaivalyaṁ svarūpa-pratiṣṭhā vā citiśaktiriti ||33||

The resolution in the inverse order of the qualities, perfect of any motive of action for the Purusa, is Kaivalya, or it is the establishment of the power of knowledge in its own nature.

Nature’s task is done, this unselfish task which our sweet nurse Nature had imposed upon herself. As it were, she gently took the self-forgetting soul by the hand, and showed him all the experiences in the universe, all manifestations, bringing him higher and higher through various bodies, till his glory came back, and he remembered his own nature. Then the kind mother went back the way she came, for others who have also lost their way in the trackless desert of life. And thus she is working, without beginning and without end. And thus through pleasure and pain, through good and evil, the infinite river of souls is flowing into the ocean of perfection, of self-realisation.

Glory unto those who have realised their own nature! May their blessings be on us all!

End of Book

Patanjali Yoga Sutras Edition: 1896

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