Patanjali Yoga Sutras: Sutra 25-29

Published: 20.11.2015

25. फरेष ुहणस्तफरादीणन ॥२५॥

baleṣu hastibalādīnī ||25|

By making Samyama on the strength of the elephant, etc., that strength comes to the Yogi.

When a Yogi has attained to this Samyama and wants strength, he makes a Samyama on the strength of the elephant, and gets it. Infinite energy is at the disposal of everyone, if he only knows how to get it. The Yogi has discovered the science of getting it.

26. प्रवत्त्यारोकन्यासातृ स्क्ष्मव्यवणहतणवप्रकूृष्ट ानभ ॥२६॥्

pravṛtty-āloka-nyāsāt sūkṣmā-vyāvahita-viprakṛṣṭa-jñānam ||26||

By making Samyama on that effulgent light comes the knowledge of the fine, the obstructed, and the remote.

When the Yogi makes Samyama on that effulgent light in the heart he sees things which are very remote, things, for instance, that are happening in a distant place, and which are obstructed by mountain barriers and also things which are very fine.

27. बवन ानंुसमू ेसंमभात ॥२७॥्

bhuva-jñānaṁ sūrye-saṁyamāt ||27|| By making Samyama on the sun, (comes) the knowledge of the world.


28. चि ेतायाव्यह ानभू ॥२८॥्

candre tāravyūha-jñānam ||28||

On the moon, (comes) the knowledge of the cluster of stars.

29. ध्रवु ेतद्गणत ानभ ॥२९॥्

dhruve tadgati-jñānam ||29|| On the pole star (comes) the knowledge of the motions of the stars.
Patanjali Yoga Sutras Edition: 1896

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