Patanjali Yoga Sutras: Sutra 40-44

Published: 23.11.2015

40. उदानजमाज्जरऩङ्ककण्टकाणदष्वसङ्ग उत्क्राणन्ति ॥४०॥

udāna-jayāat jala-paṇkha-kaṇṭakādiṣv-asaṅgo-'tkrāntiśca ||40||

By conquering the current called Udana the Yogi does not sink in water, or in swamps, and he can walk on thorns.

Udana is the name of the nerve current that governs the lungs, and all the upper parts of the body, and when he is master of it he becomes light in weight. He cannot sink in water; he can walk on thorns and sword baldes, and stand in fire, and so on.

41. सभानजमात प्रज्वरनभ ्॥४१॥

samāna-jayāj-jvalanam ||41||

By the conquest of the current Samana he is surrounded by blaze.

Whenever he likes light flashes from his body.

42. श्रोत्राकाशमो् संफिसंमभाद ्णदव्यंश्रोत्रभ ॥४२॥्

śrotra-ākāśayoḥ saṁbandha-saṁyamāt divyaṁ śrotram ||42||

By making Samyama on the relation between the ear and the Akasa comes divine hearing.

There is the Akasa, the ether, and the instrument, the ear. By making Samyama on them the Yogi gets divine hearing; he hears everything. Anything spoken or sounded miles away he can here.

43. कामाकाशमो् सफिसंमभारं ्रघतुरसभाऩत्तूिाकाशगभनभे ॥४३॥्

kāyākāśayoḥ saṁbandha-saṁyamāt laghu-tūla-samāpatteśca-ākāśa gamanam ||43||

By making Samyama on the relation between the Akasa and the body the Yogi becoming light as cotton wool goes through the skies.

This Akasa is the material of this body; it is only Akasa in a certain form that has become the body. If the Yogi makes Samyama on this Akasa material of his body, it acquires the lightness of Akasa, and can go anywhere through the air.

44. फणहयकणल्पता वणत्तभृहाणवदयहाे. तत् प्रकाशावयि म् ॥४४॥

bahir-akalpitā vṛttiḥ mahā-videhā tataḥ prakāśa-āvaraṇa-kṣayaḥ ||44||

By making Samyama on the real modifications of the mind, which are outside, called great disembodiness, comes disappearance of the covering to light.

The mind in its foolishness thinks that it is working in this body. Why should I be bound by one system of nerves, and put the Ego only in one body, if the mind is omnipresent?

There is no reason why I should. The Yogi wants to feel the Ego wherever he likes. When he has succeeded in that all covering to light goes away, and all darkness and ignorance vanish. Everything appear to him to be full of knowledge.

Patanjali Yoga Sutras Edition: 1896

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