A Vegetable Motif in Central Indian Art [Part 9]

Published: 25.05.2012

§ 11. Bibliography/Abbreviations

When referring to illustrations in the present paper we omit the reference to the place (simply “fig. 1“), and when referring to illustrations in other publications we omit in all unequivocal cases the reference to the type of illustration (simply “Kramrisch In 107“). “Neg. no.“ designates unpublished photos in our own collection. All technical terms have been explained where they first occur. Less familiar place-names can be identified with the help of D.R. Patil's list (Patil Li). When the provenance of a piece is not mentioned in our text, the reader will in most cases obtain a rough idea of the locality with the help of the title of the source, e.g. Jhansi area in the case of “Trivedi Jh “. Additional bibliographic details will be found in HHA, e.g. compare HHA p. 695 for Vats Gu. Certain limitations in points of accuracy and detail are inherent in our as in any other method of describing forms in art.


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§ 12. Bibliographic supplement
Four temples discussed in § 5.
  1. Telī-kā-Mandir: Ali Pr pl. 3, fig. 3; Brown Bu pl. 116, fig. 2; Dava No colour plate 7; Goetz Ma, references in fn. 1-2; JID 11, 276, 278, 283; Meister Ām 5; PKG colour plate xxv. SIK 240-41; SUB 116; TIC 96-100. - Plan: Ali Pr - J.C. Harle mentions an unpublished paper on the Telī-kā-Mandir by K. Deva (SUB p. 547).
  2. Deogarh-12: Ali Pr pl. 6, fig. 2; JAA 108; JID 2, 6, 52-74, 249; Meister Ce 6-7; 7A, 8-9, 13; TIC 213, 215-16.-Plan: JID 393. - The images in the cella and in the pradakṣiṇāpatha have not been included in the list of references, and the same applies to the outer and inner doorways (main entrance) which are later substitutes for the original ones.
  3. Gadarmal Temple: Ali Pr pl. 10, fig. 1; ARG 1923/24, pl. Ib; ARG 1932/33, pl. Ib; JID 75; TIC 185-88. - Plan and Section: Ali Pr.
  4. Mālādevi Temple: Ali Pr pl. 8, pl. 11 (fig. 1); ARG 1935/36, pl. Ia; ARG 1936/37, pl. IIa-b; Brown Bu pl. 102, fig. 2; Deva Mā 1-6; JAA 100 B, 101-04; JID 12, 276; Meister Ce 19-20; SIK 256-57; SUB 118; TIC 225-28.-Plan: Ali Pr.

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