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Published: 14.02.2018

1. god - The Jīva (soul) born in Devagati (realm of mundane existence qua gods); the living being, whose body (being Vaikriya (protean)) is devoid of structure like bone, flesh and blood; whose body is effulgent; whose body has a divine beauty because all the limbs and sub- limbs are elegant; who are endowed with the power to fly in space soon after the birth, even without the help of Vidyā (occult science), Mantra etc...

dyotante vā bhāsvaraśariratvādasthimāmsāsṛkprabandha-rahitatvāt sarvāngopāngasnndara- tvācca devāḥ.

athavā vinā vidyāmantrānjanādibhih pūrvakrtatapo'peksajanmalābhasamanantaramevākāśabhājo devāḥ.

(TaBhā 4.1 Vṛ)

devagatināmakannodaye sati dyutyādyarthāvarodhād devāḥ.

(TaVā 4.1)

2. The Vaimānika Deva (Empyrean god), or the Jyotiṣka Deva (Luminous god) and the Vaimānika Deva.

See - Devendra.

3. That living being, who is divya i.e., krīdāśila (leading a life of pleasure) or stutya (worthy of being eulogized) and adorable; e.g., - Arhat (one possessed of super-sensory knowledge), Cakravartī (universal sovereign) etc...

dīvyanti – kriḍāṃ kurvanti dīvyante vā - stiiyante vā"rādhyatayeti devāh.

(Bhaga 12.163 Vṛ)

pamcavihā devāpannatta, tamjahā - bhaviya- davvaevā, ṇaradevā, dhammadevā, devātidevā, bhāvadevā.

(Sthā 5.53)

4. That human being, who is omniscient, Vitarāga (free from attachment and aversion), an exponent of the Truth as it is, Arhat (1) (Tīrthaṅkara (ford- -founder)) and possessed of the highest grandeur.

sarvajno jitarāgādidoṣastrailokyapūjitaḥ. yatlīāsthitārthavādīca devo'rhan parameśvaraḥ...

(YoŚā 2.4)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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