Published: 22.01.2018

1. Tīrthaṅkara (ford-founder).

......dhammatitthayare jiṇe.

(Āva 2.1)

See - Jaina.

2. Omniscient in general.

jināḥ sāmānyakevalinaḥ.

(BṛBhā 1114 Vr)

3. One possessed of supersensory knowledge - One who has attained Atīndriya Jiiāna (super-sensory knowledge).

tao jiṇā paṇṇattā, taṃ jahā - ohinānajine, mana- pajjavaṇāṇajiṇe, kevalaṇāṇajiṇe.


4. Vltarāga - One who has vanquished both Rāga (attachment) and Dveṣa (aversion).

jiyakohamāṇamāyā, jiyalohā teṇa te jiṇā huṃti....

(ĀvaNi 1076)

rāgadveṣamohān jayantīti jināḥ.

(SthāVṛ Pa 168)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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