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Ladnun - Jain Vishva Bharati - Trip To Spirituality [41.1] Diksha - Taking Leave (1)

Published: 09.02.2005
Updated: 15.02.2008

It is a pity that the sounds in the air of this February 2005 day cannot be heard while regarding the photo. The whole little town of Ladnun vibrated with drums and trumpets, when seven young persons were about to take leave from their worldly life. People were excited, pacing around the campus gates of Jain Vishva Bharati Ladnun, longing for the arrival of the procession criss-crossing the town, and at the same time wishing it might take its time before arriving. Most of them were friends and relatives of the seven, realising that the moment had come when their relations would change totally when they will take Diksha.

Since two hours the music announced the procession, more or less away from the location where the families had gathered in front of the building where the monks were accomodated. People stood near to each other in groups, newcomers joined their family groups, even the children were standing with their families and did not move as usual. We had come there with Kamal's whose brother-in-law was going to be ordained the next day. Kamal was very excited and left us to visit his sister and her children, then he came back, and all started again. He was not the same person we had known in the Needam for some weeks, even his voice had changed. Understandable, his sister had agreed to release her husband from his worldly responsabilities, and so had their children. Most of the people gathered here were in a similar situation.

These women were sitting together, but their minds were occupied with own thoughts. They did not exchange much words, just felt consoled being close to each other. Silently they awaited the procession, while trying to balance their feelings of respect and regret. Maybe their daughter or grand-daughter, niece, cousin was about to take leave from worldly life...

Some women tried to maintain conversation on trivial subjects for better hiding their antagonistic feelings. They all were ceremonially dressed, but the colours chosen for this occasion were more muted than brillant. When someone has taken the decision to renounce all worldly pains and pleasures, the people of his or her entourage are concerned as well, thinking how their life would have turned if they had found boldness and strength to renounce.

Some went for Guru Darshan to get the strength for the moments to come. Others were sitting and gave silent farewell.

Only few payed attention to what happened around them. Most of them were following their inner reality, inspired by the step of their friend or relative to take Diksha.


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