Mahavir Jayanti Celeberations 2009 At Kolkata

Published: 16.04.2009
Updated: 30.07.2015
Samani malayprajnaji addressing to huge gathering

The 2607th birth ceremony of Lord Mahavira, the 24th of the Jain thirthankaras was celebrated with great enthusiasm under the auspices of Shri Jain Swetambar Terapanthi Sabha, Kolkata in the pious presence of Samani Nirdeshika Malay Pragya ji, a learned disciple of Acharya Mahapragya ji on 7th April 2009 at Kolkata.

Samani sanchitprajna,samani prashamprajna, samani malayprajna and samani vinamraprajna Sri karansingh nahata president of shree jain swetamber terapanthi sabha,kolkata

The lay-followers of Suburbs of Kolkata and South & North Howrah with their Presentations on the life and teachings of Lord Mahavirahad their procession started from Howrah Bridge. The lay-followers of Purvanchal, North & Central Kolkata started their procession along with their attractive presentation from Haryana Bhavan passing through Kalakar street. The lay-followers of South Kolkata started in the form of disciplined procession from Mitra Parishad Bhavan had their presentation with the motive of showing the life cycle and teachings of Lord Mahavira up to Kalakar Street. At Mahatma Gandhi Road they merged & proceeded in the form of Non-violence rally (AHIMSA RALLY) where Samani Malay Pragya ji, Samani Sanchit Pragya ji, Samani Vinamra Pragya ji, Samani Prasham Pragya ji observed Non-violence Rally and blessed the group of lay-followers. There from the Non-violence Rally proceeded further under the guidance of all the Samaniji is passing through M G road, Pageyapatti & Brabourne Road.

The procession ended at Mahasabha Bhawan, where it took the form of a gathering of layfollowers, children of gyanshalas who presented the life and teachings of Lord Mahavira.

At mahasabha bhavan a Programme on Lord Mahavira birth day celebration was organized in the pious presence of Samani Nirdeshika Malaypragyaji. Sri Karan Singh Nahata, president of the Kolkata Terapanthi Sabha, compered the Programme. At this event, Sri Karan Singh Nahta forcefully expressed his views on the need of the teachings of Lord Mahavira and the importance Mahavira jayanti at present.

Sri binod kumar choraria, general secretary of mahasabha

Sri Binod Kumar Choraria (The general Secretary of Mahasabha), Sri Kuldeep Manot(president, TEYUP- Kolkata) expressed their views on the life of Lord Mahavira. Members of Terapanth Yuvak Parishad sang group song of “Namo Mahavira”. The president of kolkata Mahila Mandal Smt. Prathibha Kothari paid her homage to Lord Mahavir.

Gyanshala children presenting life of mahavir

The children of various gyanshalas presented some of his teachings in their role of Mahavira life

Samani sanchitprajna and samani vinamraprajna presenting song Samani prashamprajna

The Group of Samaniji presented need of Lord Mahavira by medium song & poem. Referring to all audience Samani Nirdeshika Malay Pragyaji said - “Jainism is not about spirituals custom & rituals only, but it’s all about meditation, austerity sacrifice of the 24 holy man teerthankaras. At present, we are following the tradition of Lord Mahavira.

beet gae angin sanvatsar
hue kahi paigambar peer
kintu jamaane ki aankhon main
ankit hai ab bhi mahaveer

Reciting the above poem Samaniji said that even to date the replica of Lord Mahavira is still there in the mind of the lay followers. However she said - there were four steps in sadhana of Mahavira.

1 consciousness 2 fearlessness 3 self dependence 4 tolerance.

Lack of any one of these four ingredients work as a barrier in achieving the peak of self-attainment. Lord Mahavira was a Doctor of Soul. He said - the first step of self-meditation is veetragta. Force of Veetragta should be in each person, then only one can have healthy mind, healthy body & healthy thinking. Everybody should have force enough to get librated of four karmas. Emotional system is one of the aspect connected with veetragta.we can attain the virtues of bhagawan mahaveera & our soul can get librated of the bondage of karma if we have control over our Emotions –i.e four Kashayas (anger,greed,deceit,pride).The principle of transformation of the virtues is that whatever we pray or think, we can attain those. There should not be the difference between saying & behaviour in real life. We should not only follow the path of Mahavira but should also bring his teaching in our practical life and daily behaviour. Everybody should have journey of wisdom. Mahavira has shown us the path to attain self-development in life that is - “Utthiye No Pamayae”

If we will try to keep bhagwan Mahavira‘s golden rule in our heart & mind then. We can lighten up the humanity, keep Mahavira in our mind then the effort of celebrating 2608th birth ceremony will make sense.

Gathering of men and women

The children of the Gyanshalas of the Greater Kolkata presented the life cycle of bhagwan Mahavira through the medium of glances, & all sabhas played an important role in the whole Programme. The Jain Karyavahini controlled the arrangement of all the processions named as AHIMSA RALLY. The officer bearers of local Sabhas, Mahila mandals and their active members along with the President of Jain Swetambar Terapanthi Sabha, Kolkata Shri Karan Singh Nahta, Secretary Sri Narendra Kumar Manot, office bearers & executive committee members took active part in making the Programme a grand success. The enthusiasm of local Sabhas, committee, and societies was laudable.

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