Samani Malay Pragya

Published: 10.12.2018
Updated: 23.04.2021
Samani Malaya Pragya, Samani Nirdeshika Malay Pragya, Samani Nirdesika Malay Pragya, Samani Nirdesika Malaya Pragya


Born: 28.04.1970, Titilagarh, Orissa, India

Terapanth Info

ID: 74
Diksha: 18.10.1992 by Acharya Tulsi


Personal Background

Samani Malaya Pragya was born on April 28th 1970 in Titilagarh, Orissa, India. She is a disciple of his Holiness Acharya Shri Mahaprajna ji.

Samaniji joined Parmarthik Shikshan Sanstha, Ladnun at the age of 14. Parmarthik Shikshan Sanstha is an educational and training centre for aspirants interested in taking monk-hood in the Jain Terapanth Order.  After seven years training of initiation at Parmarthik Shikshan Sanstha she became a member of the Saman order which was started by Acharya Tulsi, This represents a new horizon in the field of Jain monkhood. It is a new rank between the ascetic and the lay follower. A Saman represents purity, equanimity and self-restraint.

She was initiated by his holiness Acharya Sri Tulsi in the year 1992 at the age of 21.


M.A. In Prakrit
B.A. in Jainism & other philosophical systems
Qualified in Yoga and Meditation
Proficient in Hindi, Marwari & Odiya

She knows ancient classical language such as Prakrit. Sanskrit as well as modern languages: Hindi. English and Oriya. She has extensively lectured on different aspects of Jainism, Ahimsa, peaceful life-style and life management through Preksha meditation and Yoga spreading and preaching the message of Jainism, Samaniji has extensively traveled across India and Nepal.


Taught Sanskrit Grammar at Parmarthik Siksha Sansthaan, JVB, Ladnun
Taught corrsepondence students in various centers of Jain Vishwa Bharati University in different states of India.

Organized Camps

110 camps of Preksha Meditation.
150 camps of Science of Living.
100 camps of "Anuvrat".

Conducted Workshops

15 Teenagers' workshops of Education & Moral development. 20 Adult workshops on "Life skills & Moral Development".
15 Senior Citizens' workshops on "Life's Importance".  
5 workshops for teachers on "A good teacher".
10 workshops for married couple on "Happy living".

Conferences and Lectures

Participated in Sarva Dharm Sammelan at Bhuvneshwar, India.
Participated in Sarva Dharm Sammelan at Balangir, India.
Delivered lectures at Bhutoria College, Bangladesh.
Delivered lectures at Paryushan Celebration, Singapore.
Delivered lectures at B.Ed College, Biratnagar, Nepal.
Delivered more than 200 lectures in various states of India.

Places Traveled

USA, Singapoer, Bhutan, Bangladesh, many states of India.


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