Dhyana Sadhana

Published: 02.07.2005
Updated: 17.01.2012

Ascetic lifestyle.

Dhyana means concentration of mind. For concentration, all uncertainty in the form of varying options must come to an end. In order to end uncertainty, it is necessary to evolve a pure, integrated consciousness. In order to cast off the many layers of dirt encompassing consciousness, the observance of a mahavrat and anuvrat is necessary. The fruit of such observance is: goodwill, simplicity and straightforwardness, disaffection with material objects, self-realization and awareness By exposing the mind to these virtues, the complexes of pride and attachment get dissolved. With the dissolution of these complexes, the consequences of past sanskars surcease. Thus, a solid background is formed for the practice of meditation. With this background a sadhak, passing through the various stages of meditation, successfully reaches his goal.


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