Ahimsa Yatra : Jeto Mandi

Published: 26.02.2006
Updated: 02.07.2015

Jeto Mandi, 26.02.2006

Ahimsa Yatra stayed in Saraswati Senior Secondary School. H.H. was facilitated by the Sikh community and others. Everyone expressed his happiness to have H.H. in town. H.H. in his sermon said that the people of Punjab are having jubilant faith and want something.

He further said, “Ahimsa Yatra does not give anything wherever we go, but we ask to renounce something. We ask to be away from violence, intoxication, unnecessary old dated rituals and to practise self-control. Knowingly or unknowingly, violence gets strength through our social behaviours by unnecessary pump and show. Sectarian outlook has also increased violence. Violence cannot be finished with weapons; it comes first into the mind of people and then into their actions. To diminish violence, we have to purify the human mind and then awaken the spirit of non-violence. To reduce violence, we have to get training in non-violence and have to adopt a non-violent lifestyle.”

Jeto Mandi, 27.02.2006

The second day in Jeto Mandi, H.H. posed the question, “What is the most important question of making life fruitful?”

He explained, “There can be different answers from different angles. The senses would like to have more utilities; this is their fulfilment of life. The mind would advise to perform as many activities as possible to make life fruitful. However, the person who lives under the influence of senses and mind is not able to think beyond this. He feels satisfaction in getting materials and will use them, without being able to know reality.

The man who goes beyond senses and mind can understand the fruitfulness of life by trying to know Prana and the soul. To live a healthy life, free from diseases, we have to make strong our Prana. To protect the pranic energy, we should not have negative thoughts. Purity of emotions keeps us healthy, and immunity is increased. So we can say, knowledge of the body is the fruitfulness of life. The meaning of life is the science of Prana and the search of consciousness. So if we know the three we have the right meaning of our living.”


Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra, Delhi, India, e-mail: sadhanakendra@gmail.com
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